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GLS 2015 Feedback

An eye opening and heart stopping leadership challenge that struck to the core of church leadership. No one could have shared in the event without being motivated to look again at what, why and how their leadership adds to the Kingdom of God.
Graham White, GLS Belfast

Once again a stimulating and encouraging time receiving input, ideas and inspiring testimony. Also a great opportunity to network with other Christians and catch up with those not seen for a while.
No name provided, GLS Bristol

My first time at the GLS, and it was amazing! So many good things to take away, and I have things to take to work, to church and to my personal life that will, God willing, be transformative in all those spaces. Thanks to all.
Kunnagh Scott, GLS Bristol

Thank you for another great GLS full of inspirational and challenging speakers, hosted by a helpful team of willing volunteer servers. Now to start putting it all into practice.
Elwyn Harries, Salvation Army, GLS Belfast

Excellent and inspiring.
Kate Bailey, GLS Southampton

Inspiring, moving, uplifting, thought provoking, two days of invaluable teaching for all on our leadership team. A time to laugh together, cry together and grow together. Many thanks to all involved, from the welcome team in Woodies to Bill Hybels in Chicago.
Tiz Coles, St Peter’s Church Bishopsworth, GLS Bristol

The registration process was very speedy and I only had to wait standing in line for a very short period which was extremely pleasing for me as a disabled person using crutches as I am unable to stand for long periods of time.
The ushers in the auditorium were extremely helpful and ensured that I was seated in a front row seat so that I could see everything on the stage and screen without obstructions of people standing in front of me, they even arranged for the seats for myself and my carer were reserved for me for the second day.
Our hosts were very friendly and came over to me and ensured that I was in a place where I felt comfortable.
The Worship team were wonderful and led us in some really meaningful songs.
This led to my carer and I having a wonderful summit experience.
John London, GLS Bracknell 

The Global Leadership Summit has certainly shaped our organisation. We’ve grown in boldness as leaders and as an organisation grown stronger in many areas from clearer vision to core DNA.
Fiona Banes, Time for Marriage, GLS Bracknell

I found all the talks more helpful this year. I appreciated the talks where there were helpful illustrations, and particularly liked the interview with Brian Houston and the music that was contained and explained.
Linda Sullivan, GLS Bristol

Excellent conference in excellent venue.
Cathy Holmes, GLS Swansea

The 2015 GLS hits the target once again with a unique balance of first class leadership coaching and spiritual replenishment.
Mike Holmes, Coastlands Family Church, Barry, GLS Swansea

This was my first GLS experience and can honestly say I have been so impressed by the very high standard of the content, the organisation, the venue, the hosts … Magnificent! I feel so encouraged, refreshed and challenged, and I’m really looking forward to next year’s conference.
Rachel Smith, GLS Bristol

A great experience with great speakers and a chance to think and connect with God’s purpose for me.
Tracy Mason, GLS Bristol

There’s a lot of high quality teaching delivered with humour and integrity. Excellent value and presentation values. Its one of the few time-efficient resources we use in our church leadership team where we can spend time together catching vision for the church and on a personal level. Yes its American but with the minimal of cultural tweeks it fits well with a British audience. It certainly isn’t pants, its trousers.
Kevin Hanwell, GLS St Albans

Fantastic content, great venue, brilliant volunteers.
Julie Couchman-Boor, GLS Bracknell

After 11 GLS events 2015 must be for me in the top 3 – beautifully balanced, carefully crafted theme, and as always challenging and practical. Thank you to Willow Creek and the Association!
Norman Hooks, GLS St Albans

The teaching from GLS this year was superb. Each member of my group took something significant home, with an action to work on. GLS has given us an ongoing conversation and also some challenges to work on within our organisation. Thank you.
Andrew Knowles, GLS Bracknell

Powerful, insightful and inspiring, I’m really looking forward to see how this material will change how I lead both at work and in a church context.
Paul Brayshaw, St Pauls Church Canford Heath Poole

Excellent, accesible venue, excellent input. Really encouraging.
Colin Randall, GLS Stafford

Consistent excellence in service and honour. The facilitation time is always good and reflective. The ‘soul ministry’ with Bill and Brian was very effective; everyone could relate to it.
Colin Powell, GLS Bracknell

What a brilliant event, my first time here. The first of many as I run my own business.Simon Benham and his wife did a good job linking up with speakers  with appropriate prayer where needed. Thank you to everyone! God was honoured.
Barbara Whiting -Smith, Kerith Sandhurst, GLS Bracknell

GLS is a great opportunity to learn from key speakers and the local GLS means that I have access to seakers that I would never hear in my own city. As someone who works in secular employment and church I am always thrilled by the applicability of the teaching to secular employment and church and find that one of the key strengths of GLS.
I was really heartened that this year a secular healthcare organisation I work with had brought 8 of its head office team to GLS at the instigation of the managing director – who is a Christian – because he saw the benefits it offered to the organisation.
Grant Addison, GLS Bristol

For many years the GLS has been for me the standout event of the year. This year did not disappoint. It is such a privilege to be able to hear such high-class speakers, to be inspired and challenged, and to be reminded once again that God is powerfully at work in our broken world.
I am profoundly thankful to all those who work so hard to put on the GLS, for the vision that brought this summit into being, and for the dedication and commitment to ensure that it has continued for so many years.
As in so many years, Bill Hybels talk was way beyond the maximum 5 rating. His talks have been inspirational and helpful, both in a church context and professionally, for many, many years.
I am also profoundly thankful to the host church, Cornerstone, whose members give of their free time to serve in such a helpful and willing way.
For the last few years, I have been the first person at the Swansea summit to rebook for the following year. Someone beat me to it this year, but we have our five tickets booked and I am hoping to persuade more than this to come.
Graham Sims, Nant Coch Church,  GLS Swansesa

I am very glad I attended this time, and I am already looking forward to the next GLS in a year’s time!
Nigel Paterson, GLS Southampton

Very good conference, well organised and excellent teaching.  Worship that led us into prayer.
Letitia Mason, GLS Bracknell

Just what I needed in this time of my journey.
Sue Duplock, St Mary’s Camberley, GLS Bracknell

A great 2 days of teaching, fellowship & inspiration from gifted speakers.
David and Linda Chester. TLC Newtownards, GLS Belfast

Bill Hybels’ talk was terrific. Worth coming just for that.
Valerie Hornsby, GLS Bracknell

The Global Leadership Summit continues to challenge, refresh and reenergise my leadership. I’ve come away buzzing with excitement from these past two days, full of fresh new ideas for old difficulties and refocused in my priorities. I’m already thinking of who I can invite along next year!
Tim Sandford, GLS St Albans

Superb hospitality at King’s Community Church. Two days of superlative content from gifted speakers has recharged my batteries for coming challenges.
Rev’d Bill Meyer, Holy Cross Church, Woodingdean, Brighton, GLS Southampton

I come back to GLS year after year and each year go away inspired and with ideas to change and improve both my own leadership and the ministry of the church I serve.
Mat Ineson, GLS Bristol

Each time I attend GLS I am encouraged, inspired and stretched. A must-attend event.
Tim Hancock, Locks Heath Free Church, GLS Southampton

The GLS impacts my own leadership style, and that of the organisation I am a part of each and every year without fail. A must in our calendar.
Helen Armstrong, GLS Stafford

A well run event with great facilitation and a warm welcome. The pace of each day was about right with valuable opportunities for reflection. Great building and support team.
Jacqui Webber-Gant, GLS Bracknell

I wasn’t 100{%} sure how the GLS was going to help me or help our church. After attending I am 100{%} sure GLS is going to help us make significant improvements and changes in me and our church leadership team.
Lisa Scott, Burpham Church, GLS Bracknell

I found the content and relevance up to the usual very high standard. The conference is unique in giving spiritual inspiration as well as world class practical education and training.
Peter Yarr, GLS Belfast

As a Lay Minister in a small rural Anglican church, I cannot over-emphasis how important Willow Creek GLS is to me.  It expands my horizons, encourages me that from acorns mighty oaks can grow, and most of all enables me to receive something more from the Lord.
No name provided, GLS St Albans

As always wonderful teaching and great insights – a ‘rock’ in my diary, not to be missed.
Martin King, Vicar, Holy Trinity Church, Rudgwick, GLS Bracknell

Another excellent day of leadership training in a friendly and positive environment.
Matthew King, Headmaster, Pennthorpe School,  GLS Bracknell

I attended the Saturday of the 2 day event.  Everyone I encountered at the church was friendly and welcoming.  I had a great day.  I had never been to the GLS before despite being invited by my church to attend in previous years.  I am definitely going again next year, it was such a great use of my time for my church work, family and work life.  I found each speaker useful in someway, wrote copious amount of notes and am still thinking about it all 2 days later. Thank you for organising such a well run, inspiring event.
Lisa Rowland, Member of LHFC,  GLS Southampton

I always look forward to these two days and once again was not disappointed. the teaching is of the highest quality and God uses it to encourage and challenge the heart and the mind.
Tony Berry, GLS Bracknell

The Summit was very worthwhile, in terms of inspiration and know-how. The speakers were excellent and provided varied and interesting inputs.
Dr Phil Alberts, High Barnet Baptist Church,  GLS St Albans

GLS is the only leadership conference where I can bring my whole senior leadership team along with new emerging leaders and be totally confident that all will be stretched, inspired and encouraged.
Mark Madavan, Senior Minister, Locks Heath Free Church, GLS Southampton

When leaders invest in themselves something great happens but when leaders do that together it is they become a force for the kingdom like no other.
Fiona Kirby-Smith, GLS Stafford

We had a wonderful experience at the Swansea Venue 2. They looked after us excellently, and couldn’t do enough for us! The facilitators did an excellent job, and the discussion times were well thought out with as much time as possible given. All staff and volunteers were very welcoming and warm! Even the toilets had flowers and hand lotion and were beautifully clean! Car parking volunteers helpful and plenty of space to park. The music chosen was excellent and so was the band! They have always been very good, but they have improved over the years!
Erica Cameron, SDA, GLS Swansea

Challenging, instructive and spiritually enriching – a must go to for church leaders.
Dr Rob Ruck, Snr Pastor High Barnet Baptist Church London,  GLS St Albans

Yet another year when I have experienced new and inciteful sessions at which God has spoken into my life, as a CEO, an Elder, a husband and dad. God bless GLS!
Paul Mullis, Chief executive, Durham Aged Mineworkers Homes Association, GLS Newcastle

An amazing conference. So encouraging and so challenging. I am inspired.
No name provided, GLS Newcastle

This is the most up to date and easily applicable leadership conference I have ever attended. So practical and will definitely change the way you work.
Johnny Gilchrist, Manager The Oakes Holiday Centre, GLS Coventry

The GLS is always a fantastic opportunity to learn and reflect. This year there were powerful stories and teaching to support my individual growth as a leader and invaluable time spent together as church leaders. Of great benefit throughout my personal, church and professional life.
Seth Beckreck, GLS Newcastle

Inspiring, Informative and Equipping: an excellent catalyst and challenge for my leadership and for the development of our leadership teams
Rev David Mayhew, Holy Trinity Church, Coventry, GLS Coventry

I have been to Willow Creek conferences twice before – the first … was way back when WCA was just starting, the second was about 7 years back. Over that span of some 22 years they have remained professional, of a very high standard, stimulating, relevant, purposeful, and productive. I’ve booked for next year.
Richard Dormandy, Holy Trinity Church, Tulse Hill. GLS London Battersea

Simply amazing!
David Bass, GLS Newcastle

Very challenging but in an incredibly inspiring way. Every year it improves and change the focus meaning the local church have sufficient material as to how to improve.
Roy Skeates, Stockton Heath Christian Fellowship, GLS Bolton

Over the years I have found Bill Hybels, and those he gets to join him at the GLS, inspirational in my life and ministry as he so often draws out really helpful and insightful points of learning and growth.
Charles Trefusis, Christ Church Purley, GLS London Battersea

The GLS was amazing as usual! So much to takeaway and absorb and apply to my own leadership. God is on the move! The volunteers at the venue were really great! They were very intentional at welcoming us and reaching out to us!
Danica O’Neill, GLS Dublin

The Folks at the church were marvellous and helpful even finding a small room for my team when we wanted to pray over an issue.
Alan Howe, GLS Coventry

I was blown away by this GLS Summit, I have attended for several years but this was truly awesome. It connected with me at every level, emotionally, spiritually and each session though different seemed to link and build up to another level. The music session was sublime, I saw men reduced to quivering wrecks, not a dry eye in the house! This was GLS at its very best! Roll on next year! Thank you!
Janice Cairns, Christ Church, Leamington Spa, GLS Coventry

This year 2015 is my second time of attending the GLS in a row. I asked myself a simple question, what did i learn by heart from last years summit? Straight away two of the speakers, came to my mind though my life was impacted by every one of them but i couldn’t easily get pass Tyler Perry and Allan Catherine Kagina. For the past one year i couldn’t just forget Tyler’s journey to success and his message about forgiveness. Allan taught me why not to compromise in the midst of challenging times and her recruitment approach is a welcome development.
This year’s was my whoa! moment, i can never recover from the experience. All the speakers were fantastic however i couldn’t easily get pass Brian Houston’s testimony. Sam Adeyemi’s thought on bridging the power gap is mind blowing, Sheila Heen’s expose on feedback educated my mind viz ”everyone around you except you knows what you’re supposed to be doing but you’ve got to ask them”. Liz Wiseman’s lesson about learning from her three year old depicts strength of character and the amiable and innovative Craig Groeschel 5 C’s completed made my day. All the speaker’s were fantastic and Bravo to Bill through it all.
Pastor Caleb Adewunmi, Business Coach and Snr Pastor (The Glorious Church Int’l Dublin),  GLS Dublin

GLS Bolton was fantastic again. It was the 5th time I have attended and it never fails to deliver great challenging stretching teaching that inspires me to change.
The host team at Bolton are very helpful, efficient and friendly, great worship, great venue too. Thank you for all that they do, to make it happen
Janice Glynn, GLS Bolton

Great venue, excellent sessions and I came away with lots to think through and things to put into practice.
Carolyn Davey, WEC International,  GLS Coventry

Very well run event.
No name provided, GLS Coventry

I found the talks gave me tools and information that I can use to grow individually and also as a church
No name provided, GLS Bolton

I am only able to make it to the Saturday but I have attended the conference at Coventry for the past 3 years and have loved it every year. The host church always does a great job and is always friendly and welcoming. The talks are always so relevant and well delivered. There is always something to learn and be inspired by.
Faye Roberts, GLS Coventry

GLS is incredible. God has clearly chosen, developed and leads this conference year after year to new heights, simply to tell leaders how special, vital, equipped and blessed they are.
Jenny Thurston, GLS Coventry

As has been the case for many years, the GLS delivered on all points. It was a tremendous encouragement, challenge and blessing to me both in my capacity as a company director and as a Christian seeking to honour God in my life. I can usually identify one session that particularly ‘blows me away’ but this year there were a number of key messages that struck home. God is gracious and I’m taking one step at a time to walk into some of the new challenges ahead. Thanks.
Andy Dernie (Rugby), GLS Coventry

I have been attending GLS for the past 4/5 years and it never fails to inspire me. The talks are very varied and relevant and leave me wanting to be a better leader – now it’s up to me how I put what I have learnt into practice. Thank you so much for the Summit.
Fiona Pollard, Oasis Aquila Housing, GLS Newcastle

Another inspiring 2 days.
David Duxbury, GLS Gerrards Cross

The conference was excellent and I would definitely recommend it.
Tony Butterworth, GLS Bolton

A fantastic couple of days feasting on challenging talks and useful discussion times. Thanks!
Andy Castle, Thrive Youth Ministries, GLS Coventry

I attended the London conference 16 & 17 November at St Marks church. The church was very friendly and we were made to feel very welcome. The process sessions were handled very sensitively and as a couple on our own we didn’t at any time feel awkward or alone.
Traci Lowden-Stoole – Care for the Family. GLS London Battersea

Yet again the GLS was a fantastic leadership event which inspired, challenged and equipped me and my team for leading a prevailing local church.
Rich Webb, Upton Vale, GLS Plymouth

The Global Leadership Summit is now a fixed date in my annual development programme. The quality of speakers, the challenging and thought provoking material and the excellent hosting of the event make it a do-not-miss event. As ever 2015 did not dissapoint and I will be back in 2016.
Mark Reynolds, Oasis Aquila Housing, GLS Newcastle

We’ve been going to the Battersea venue for the past 10 years and it is consistently excellent – warm welcome and efficiently run.
Steve Rouse, Balham Baptist Church, GLS London Battersea

There were many volunteers who did a great job dealing with the logistics of the day. There was ample parking.
No name provided, GLS Great Yarmouth

Very inspiring well structured programme from many different walks of life. They all offered food for thought and hopefully a focal point in developing positive leadership within our Church. Very full on but the mix of styles maintained focus. The praise element was excellent. The catering was well organised and very much appreciated.
No name provided, GLS Bolton

As I left the house at 6 a.m. in the rain this morning, I wondered if it was worth the 2 hour journey. It was! I will do my best to encourage others from my church and organization to come next year. There was plenty for all of us regardless of what kind of leading we do. And the setup at Witney was great, with a warm welcome, great organization and a very nice venue. Thank you for a great event – and teaching that I will be mulling over for quite a while to come.
Mary Pearce, GLS Witney

This is a great event to attend with your team and helps to provoke some interesting discussions around Leadership.
Ian Wallace, GLS Bristol

It was wonderful to see GLS come to a local venue and enable many more in our community to benefit – thank you
No name provided, GLS Witney

It was a fantastic day in so many ways. Stimulating, refreshing and encouraging. Well worth coming again. Thank you.
Rev Phil Cooke, GLS Witney

This was a well planned and useful day. Lots of nuggets to take away and apply.
Morey Andrew, GLS Witney

There were so many good talks in the 2015 GLS sessions that could be the spur for spiritual growth for all Christians, even those who do not regard themselves as leaders, that I regret that more people from our church did not avail themselves of the opportunity to be there. I am still working through the material that spoke to me personally, and discovering what more God has for my life in his service. Many thanks to Bill Hybel and all involved in putting on this great conference each year. May it be a blessing to churches all round the world as they seek to manifest the Kingdom of God in these days.
Joan Bell – St James’ Church, GLS Gerrards Cross

An excellent venue – very high quality.
Rev Harry Latham (Vicar, Stoke Poges), GLS Gerrards Cross

In church ministry, or in any walk of life it is so easy to get stale and not realise. I’d recommend the GLS to any leader. You have to take time out from normal routines in order to get fresh input, to be challenged and help identify staleness in oneself. I’ve been attending the GLS since 1996 and never regretted it.
There is a breadth and depth and quality of input which is different to anything I have experienced anywhere at any other event.
Richard Barron, GLS Bracknell

I was blown away by this GLS Summit, I have attended for several years but this was truly awesome. It connected with me at every level, emotionally, spiritually and each session though different seemed to link and build up to another level. The music session was sublime, I saw men reduced to quivering wrecks, not a dry eye in the house! This was GLS at its very best! Roll on next year! Thank you!
Janice Cairns, Christ Church, Leamington Spa, GLS Coventry

This year was outstanding for me. The quality of the talks was extremely high and engaging. As a team we had a lot of take aways and highlighted at least six talks which were all stand out for us. St Marks Battersea as ever knocked it out of the park. They rock.
No name provided, GLS London Battersea

Willow Creek GLS 2015 provided, as always, tremendous teaching, and inspirational speakers, it was invaluable to personal and leadership development. Woodlands Church were wonderful hosts. We look forward to this every year.
Tiz Coles St Peters Bishopsworth Bristol

Superbly organised event with a very welcoming and encouraging atmosphere.  The big takeaway for me is that I am currently in the wrong job but this is incredibly valuable information that will help me and those close to me. Much better to realise that now and stop thinking it might get better soon – make bold changes now is the answer. (Bill Hybels’ white hot Why and Craig’s passion at the end)
Ben Smith, GLS Gerrards Cross

I used to be someone who procrastinated a lot of the time but after attending the summit, it dawned on me that I was my worst blind spot. I used the intangible leadership qualities and have started seriously on the grit element. With this, I have successfully secured a new job and about to sign the contract.  I am very grateful for the message from the summit. It has opened doors to so many possibilities for me and I intend to never quit when things don’t go as planned for the first time.
Grace Okao, GLS Bracknell

Very enjoyable and interesting. Certainly opened my eyes to approaches and strategies in terms of church leadership and leadership anywhere.
Dave Gair, GLS Scunthorpe

First GLS I have attended, much food for thought to process and work through. Thanks. Hospitable, plenty of drinks available. Resources good.
Wendy Horton, GLS Scunthorpe

The Conference was well organised at every level and was well facilitated. The content as always was inspirational and challenging to leaders, but also gave to tools required to improve leadership.
Colin Bowden, GLS Scunthorpe

Thank you to the host team for facilitating such a great conference.
Kim Platt, GLS Scunthorpe

I have been attending the Global Leadership Summit for 12 years, and every time there is fresh inspiration and new things to learn.
Ian Mountford, GLS Scunthorpe

It was a fabulous event. Apart from some incredibly timely, wise teaching, the event was hosted so well by Scunthorpe Baptist Church with amazing attention to every detail. Well done and thank you.
No name provided, GLS Scunthorpe

Great hospitality, challenging talks and inspirational short clips – many thanks once again.
Rev. Jonathan Oatridge, Bottesford Baptist Church, GLS Scunthorpe

Absolutely loved the event and was greatly refreshed attending it.
Wouter Vertegaal, GLS Scunthorpe

I could listen to Bill Hybels all day long.
No name provided, GLS Scunthorpe

Fantastic summit. Informative life changing inspired. Wish this was around years earlier.
Janet Henry, GLS London Catford

Abernethy are regular returners to the GLS. We were not disappointed this year, it was all great.
Our hosts at Stirling Baptist Church were an outstanding example of Christian hospitality.
Phil Simpson, Abernethy, GLS Stirling

The GLS is a regular staple of my leadership development diet.  Each year provides fresh, thoughtful challenge to our church leadership culture.
Dan Hudson, Kings Church, Edinburgh. GLS Stirling

I came looking for encouragement and challenge and found both in the first talk ! More came as speaker after speaker challenged my leadership practice to improve.
Rev David j Smith, Kirk of the Holy Rood, GLS Stirling

It was helpful for me to learn there are others who struggle with the same difficulties in leadership as I do. The sessions were an amazing time of learning and insight and I was able to take away valuable lessons on leadership and personal development.
Burt Garrick, Central Evangelical Church, GLS Stirling

Blown away by sensitive leading and amazing worship, they both enhanced the GLS15 experience and all the staff and volunteers were simply excellent!
Dave Nelson, GLS Stirling

The GLS was absolutely excellent. The speakers were inspirational and the Grander Vision stories were deeply moving. I have been encouraged and challenged to make a difference in my sphere of influence, to be a better leader. I thank the GLS organizers and all involved for such a transformational two-days.
Darion Grant, Senior Lecturer at the University of East London, GLS London Catford

The 2015 GLS was the best yet (I have attended 5). Every talk had something important to take away and process. The theme of humility permeated the summit and John’s gospel was referred to by a few of speakers. There was a real sense that God had anointed the speakers with authority. I look forward to reviewing my notes, praying through some issues and making some action points. Thank you for a challenging and affirming summit.
Angela Nunn, Lerwick Salvation Army, GLS Stirling

Really useful and inspiring day.
Joanne McHugh, GLS Stirling

This was an excellent event, very thought provoking and challenging.
Kirstine Inglis, GLS Stirling

Friendly staff and a warm bright, modern venue. The music was awesome. A very thought-provoking, inspiring program. Thank you.
Louise Yarwood, GLS London Cockfosters