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Facing Your Biggest Challenge—Roger Fairhead

What are the biggest challenges you’re facing today?

I put this question to Anthony Delaney recently and received a brilliant response:

Here’s my quick summary:

  • There are so many!
  • First, go back to the scripture: ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flow the issues of life.’ In other words, before we look at the heart of the problem, we need to look at the problem in our heart. As leaders, we’ve come through trauma ourselves and need to find healing in order to then take a step forward.
  • And then there are those who criticise and think you’re making the wrong decisions. So then, like Nehemiah, you pray, find help and start putting one brick on top of another…
  • And within this there’s the humility and integrity to admit mistakes and be honest about the difficulties. Ask your critics to work with you. Tell them you’re trying things and some things will not work out. But you’re trying.
  • And then, of course, it’s important to remember Jesus in the storm. Too often we’re like the disciples trying to bail everything out instead of trusting Jesus.

I’m sure you can relate to Anthony.

There is not only relational loss, but plans have come crumbling down and revenues also.

And as you piece things together and try new things, you have your critics ready to ‘advise’ you on what you should be doing instead.

It’s tough. There are no two ways about it.

But as Anthony says, you build again brick by brick.

Tools for the Challenges

Picking up on Anthony’s points, GLS21 is specifically designed to help you in every one of those areas:

  • Using the pressure of the moment to discover new potential—Craig Groeschel
  • Using this time to reshape your work and create something healthier for everyone —Juliet Funt
  • Discovering what you have in you to step forward —Anthony Delaney
  • Persisting through criticism and rejection with what you know is right —Jamie Kern Lima
  • Embracing the urgency of the need to help you determine risks worth taking— Malcolm Gladwell
  • Finding your rhythm and building momentum —Albert Tate

In addition to the tools, you also have ‘process time’ to figure out which ones will be most helpful to you right now and which ones to save for later.

Then you receive on-demand access to the replay, FREE tickets to GLS webinars and FREE access to GLS online learning.

—you’ll have tools and skills to help you keep building.


“I owe a massive debt to the Global Leadership Summit…”
—Anthony Delaney
A Great Investment—At No Risk

When you invest in your tools and skills, you’re better equipped to lead. GLS21 is a great investment that will serve you well at this time.

There are three dates remaining:

The programme runs from 9am-4pm. The cost is £79 and includes over £250 extra value in year-round GLN and partner resources.

We have a no-risk guarantee that if you attend GLS21 and identify no key learnings to help you move forward with your leadership, we’ll gladly give you a full refund within 7 days of your event.

But we’re confident that won’t be necessary. Just the opposite. The GLS delivers more than you expect if you fully engage.

“You know, sitting in those sessions, they’re like gold dust for me…”
—Richard Gamble, Founder, Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer


So, while your challenges are real and the pressures keenly felt, I invite you to join us at GLS21—for the tools and skills you’ll gain to keep building.

With Kind Regards,
Roger Fairhead
CEO, GLN UK & Ireland

P.s. You can watch the full interview with Anthony here—watch


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