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Don’t Let Burnout Beat You – Roger Fairhead

In his GLS+ talk, ‘Burnout and Recovery’, Carey Nieuwhof tells of an informal poll he conducted with a live audience of church leaders.

Carey Nieuwhof speaking on burnout and recovery at the GLS Special EditionHe asked how many considered themselves close to burnout.

The response was staggering. Over a third raised their hands. And this was pre-Covid.

Now, if you were in that audience, would your hand be raised? Or would you have difficulty recognising burnout when you see it?

At last year’s GLS, Craig Groeschel shared about his battle with depression during the first lockdown (in his excellent talk, ‘Leading through the Dip’, which you can watch here).

In his GLS21 talk, he doesn’t hold back on the pain, uncertainty and chaos that continues for those carrying high responsibility. But he does offer ways to work through them that lead to health and growth.

Juliet Funt shares how you can reshape your work culture. Her point? Work doesn’t have to be the hardest part of your life.

Charles Duhigg then offers a remarkably simple way to influence a ripple effect transformation in your organisation.

Wrapping up the morning sessions, Anthony Delaney offers encouraging insight on why you’re chosen to fulfil God’s purposes here and now.

Indeed, we’ve specifically selected talks throughout the day that will offer you fresh perspective and application for the challenges you are facing right now.

And we’ve saved one of the best for last with Albert Tate’s session, ‘Find Your Groove’. You’ll leave this one with a renewed sense of hope amidst the losses you’re facing.

Don’t let burnout beat you. There are ways you can tackle it and resources you can turn to.

GLS21 will revive you with renewed hope, energy and purpose.

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With Kind Regards,
Roger Fairhead
CEO, GLN UK & Ireland

P.S. If you do feel on the edge right now and wonder if burnout is a potential issue, the excellent Carey Nieuwhof session is available on our website. More details here.

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