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Called to Lead – An Interview with Anthony Delaney

In this compelling interview, Anthony Delaney speaks with clarity and conviction about the importance of leadership today.

Timings and Topics
  • 0:00:00 Welcome from Roger Fairhead, CEO GLN UKI
  • 0:00:37 Who is Anthony Delaney?
  • 0:01:55 Life in the police force; Coming to faith; Calling into ordained ministry
  • 0:10:29 Innovative leadership and church planting through the ‘New Thing’ movement
  • 0:15:45 Control vs growth; Innovation and opportunities today
  • 0:21:10 Making sense of vision and mission in a time of pandemic
  • 0:24:10 Anthony and his books, ‘The B.E.S.T. Marriage’ and ‘The Man You Are Made to Be’
  • 0:28:01 Transformational leadership; Abuse of leadership; Servant leadership; Vision casting
  • 0:35:35 The biggest challenges facing leaders; Humility and listening; Leading through the storm
  • 0:41:42 Impact of the GLS; Key learnings from Jim Collins and other GLS speakers; GLS21 experience
  • 0:51:12 A UK leader who’s had a big impact on Anthony
  • 0:52:58 Advice to new leaders
  • 0:55:00 Keeping your organisation aligned with your core values
  • 0:58:30 How Anthony keeps growing
  • 1:00:35 A final word to leaders from Anthony

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The Unprepared Leader

Leader, Ivy Church; Founder, LAUNCH, Author

If you feel unprepared to lead right now, you’re in good company. The Bible is full of stories of people who felt unprepared for God’s call on their lives at specific times and places.

If God specialises in using unprepared leaders to fulfil his greatest work, what if you’re more ready now than ever?

With many looking to you for wise leadership, join Anthony as he explores the encouragement you can derive from these stories and the vital lessons you can apply.