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Adapt Your Leadership – GLS Session Preview

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Given the pace of change in the last year, do you feel able to adapt your leadership?

According to GLS speaker T.D. Jakes, you can adapt yourself better through the metrics of migrative thinking:

  • Migrative thinking = your ability to think differently in order to be effective
  • Metrics = your ability to measure the impact

In a changing world where you feel less in control—where you can no longer ignore voices and issues beyond your understanding—your ability to migrate your thinking is critical.

When you fail to change, says Jakes:

  • You stay in your comfort zone
  • You walk and talk with people just like you
  • You struggle to see the world from others’ perspective
  • Your world doesn’t represent the wider world
  • You run the risk of offending or alienating others
  • Eventually someone challenges your thinking
  • You lose relevance
  • Your influence wanes

Instead, he provides compelling reasons to:

  • Leave your comfort zone
  • Stand alongside other people and see worlds different to your own
  • Bring people from different perspectives together around the table

As a result you will widen your perspective, deepen your understanding and reach others with influence.

Learn more

To develop your adaptability, join us at the GLS Online Experience 22 or 29 January. We’ll listen to this important talk by T.D Jakes and then give time to process the practical steps he provides.

The world is changing and our leadership must adapt. T.D. Jakes offers effective ways forward.