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A Leadership Quick-Take: Albert Tate

Albert Tate


A re-post from the WCA blog.

One of the speakers that our WCA team is most excited to hear at the Summit is Albert Tate, founder and senior pastor of Fellowship Monrovia.

Albert’s teaching style combines humor with unexpected biblical insights. He planted Fellowship Monrovia in January 2012—a church committed to being transformed by the gospel of Jesus, growing in a life of worship, gathering in community and giving their lives away on mission. Recently, Albert joined us to give a message at the Willow Creek Community Church midweek service. His message received a standing ovation. He has a passion to preach the word of God in ways that transform lives.

We asked Albert to answer some quick questions for the blog to help us get know him better.

WCA: Whose leadership has had the most impact on your life?

Albert Tate: Bryan Loritts. Bryan gave me an up-close look, at not only how to lead a multi-ethnic church, but how to live a mult-iethnic life.

WCA: What leaders do you admire and why?

Albert Tate: I admire Rick Warren. Rick Warren is a guy who is known by thousands—if not millions of people—but when you see him in a room, he takes time and authentically cares for people. It is absolutely amazing to see him love on and shepherd people. He’s a guy who leads a huge conglomerate of an organization, but really cares about others—and it shows in his leadership.

WCA: What is the best leadership advice you received as a young leader?

Albert Tate: There is a dangerous side to ministry—you can learn how to do it. Be careful of learning how “to do” ministry.

WCA: What part of leadership gives you the most satisfaction?

Albert Tate: Seeing the light bulb come on in peoples’ lives, and for them to be enlightened to the hope they have in Christ Jesus. I get a front row seat to this powerful transformation and it is very fulfilling.

WCA: What are you reading right now?

Albert Tate: I am reading Prayer by Timothy Keller, Bossypants by Tina Fey, and Disappointment with God by Philip Yancey.



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