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The Seven Myths of Volunteerism Part 6 – Bill Hybels

Joining Hands imageExtract from Bill Hybels’ article, The Seven Myths of Volunteerism

Myth 6: Volunteers Need Encouragement from Heaven but They Really Don’t need Much Encouragement from Anyone on Earth.

We ought to clean up structures so that staff know exactly who their volunteer team members are and we should be creating cultures of inspiration. It doesn’t require a graduate degree from Harvard, it doesn’t cost any more money, it doesn’t even take very much time for you to go around thanking and blessing volunteers. It really doesn’t. I tell our staff all the time, “You have to think of yourself as a thanking machine! If you’re not thanking volunteers every day and blessing them and encouraging them, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to fire up someone who really deserves being fired up.”

Volunteers have real jobs and they have marriages and kids and a lawn to mow and cars to wash. Sometimes when volunteers come our way, their tanks are low. They’ve been beat up at work and they sat in traffic and now they’re coming over to the church to give another couple hours of service because they love God and love the vision of the church. And it’s no small thing to a volunteer when you just say, “Hey, Tom, thanks for being here.” If you want to lead a volunteer revolution, it has to be in the context of an inspired culture, and once you get that going, it’s an unstoppable force!

Bill Hybels

Adapted from Willow Magazine 2004