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Inspire Trust and Respect – GLS Session Preview

To use your influence well, you need to inspire others’ trust and respect. You need to be friendly, warm and collaborative, but also powerful, capable and dependable. Harvard research summarises this as hitting the sweet spot between warmth and competence:

GLS 2020 Vaness Van Edwards Leadership Warmth Competence Scale

What’s true for most of us is that we lean towards one end more than the other, creating an imbalance, reducing our effectiveness and frustrating our progress. So how do we hit the sweet spot?

What We Often Overlook
The Science of Leadership - Vanessa Van Edwards - #GLSUKI

At the GLS Online Experience, Vanessa Van Edwards reveals an often overlooked aspect of our leadership which can open doors if we become more intentional about it – our self-awareness.

What if your vision, ideas or attempts to reach others are being thwarted for no other reason than you’re sending the wrong signals? Vanessa helps us see how we all fall into this trap on a daily basis!

Who We Can Become

According to Vanessa, the potential is within you right now to:

  • Communicate more confidently
  • Make better connections
  • Inspire the best in others
  • Build your influence

Imagine if you could significantly improve the quality of your relationships and work through a few tweaks to your self-awareness. All it takes is intention in the right areas.

Learn More

You can watch this session at the GLS Online Experience, 22 and 29 January. Better still, there’s a bonus free session to take your learning further as well as a post-talk Q&A. Plus, there’ll be opportunity to gain further insights from your peers during the breakout process time.