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Inadequacy and Belief – Will Salmon

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Last week I met with two dynamic guys from Compassion. One has organised big Christian events in Scotland and built two hospitals in Haiti. The other, of athletic build and attitude, has embarked on marathons and cycle rides across the country to raise money for the causes he cares about.

By contrast, my avocation is taking photographs and then sitting for hours on the sofa with my laptop tweaking them in Photoshop – I suppose there is something marathonic about that! But listening to these two gentlemen and the things they have achieved, I felt no urge to divulge this information.

Having stepped into the big shoes that Graeme Paris left in the office only a month ago, I have been trying hard not to tread clumsily. Along with the new responsibility has come a sense of inadequacy at times, and hearing these Compassion guys only heightened it for a few moments.

It was heartening, then, to hear one of them come out with this helpful soundbite in the middle of a conversation about leadership: “we need to turn our feelings of inadequacy into vulnerability…”
Something about that statement caught my attention. It struck a chord much like the GLS 2014 sessions which described the difficulty of not knowing the next step and yet stepping out all the same (Bill Hybels and Louie Giglio, I think). Similarly, I have been chatting recently with the ebullient Andy Burns of Café Leadership, who maintains that a lot of leaders find themselves thinking, “I hope I don’t get found out!!”

All of this seems to point to a genuine sense of inadequacy; a feeling of ‘who am I to do this?’ At the same time, you must have a fundamental belief in what you are doing, otherwise why would you do it?

That’s how this last month has felt for me: inadequacy and belief. I feel inadequate because in some ways I am. Nevertheless, I believe in what I’m doing – in what WCA is doing in serving the local church.

Over the last 12 years that I have been working with WCA, I have met a number of pastors who have told me how helpful they have found the input of Bill Hybels and the WCA, and how God has met them in defining ways through the ministry. It is my hope that pastors like these, who often no doubt carry feelings of inadequacy and yet push forward in belief, will continue to feel the benefit of support from WCA.

Please do get in touch with us if we can be of help (023 8071 0295). Take a look at the sidebars to see what we are planning and how it can benefit you, and be assured that we will do our very best for you this year.

Best regards

Will Salmon
Executive Director