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GLS Process Tools–One-on-One Interview with Strive Masiyiwa and T.D. Jakes–1

Strive MasiyiwaProcess Tools from the GLS interview session with T.D.Jakes and Strive Masiyiwa.

Have Courage and Develop Integrity

Strive shares that leaders must lead out of their values. How do the values of your team or organisation currently inform the way you engage in your industry?

In his interview, Strive says it is a leader’s role to ensure that everybody feels they are part of what you are doing.  A way to do this is to have values that are universal and transcend culture. Whether working with differences in generation, gender, or ethnicity, what values does your team have that unify? Discuss with your team.

Do you have any values, unspoken or assumed, that may prevent unity and cause tension or division amongst your team or organisation? Discuss with your team.


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