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GLS Process Tools–Craig Groeschel–Becoming a Leader People Love To Follow–3

Craig GroeschelProcess Tools from Craig Groeschel’s GLS 2018 session: Becoming a Leader People Love to Follow

Willingness to Empower

Craig says, “You can have control or you can have growth, but you can’t have both.” In what areas of your role and responsibilities do you fear releasing control? What is the main fear about giving up control in this area?

Craig shares that delegating tasks creates followers, but delegating authority creates leaders. When it comes to delegation on your team, do you have the tendency to delegate tasks or authority? How has that impacted the culture of your team? Who can you identify on your team that is ready for increased empowerment and delegation of authority? Name them.

What decisions can you empower this person to make over the coming week? Make a list.


Courage To Be Vulnerable

People are looking for leaders who are real over leaders who are right. The best type of leader you can be is an honest, vulnerable, courageous leader who often may not know the best path forward. Reflect on the current level of vulnerability you have with those on your team and how might you take steps to increase your honesty and vulnerability, however appropriate, to model to others that you are working to become a centred leader that others love to follow. List 1 or 2 steps.


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