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GLS Process Tools–Craig Groeschel–Becoming a Leader People Love to Follow–2

Craig GroeschelProcess Tools from Craig Groeschel’s GLS 2018 session: Becoming a Leader People Love to Follow

A Passion To Inspire

Craig lists a variety of ways we can inspire others. From the list below, identify the primary way you inspire those around you. Next, identify how you’d like to grow in your ability to inspire others.

  • An optimistic outlook.
  • A posture of humility.
  • Setting the tone of vision and follow through.
  • Being generous with recognition.
  • Being consistently empathetic (being a good listener and caring genuinely).

Describe a practical way you can grow in the area you have highlighted.

Craig shares that there is one quality of leaders that inspires above all the rest. It is a leader that is centred. A centred leader is one who is secure, stable, confident, fully engaged, leads with consistent values which are evident in their life. They are:

  • Guided by values: (what life values do you believe and live out to those on your team?)
  • Driven by purpose: (what compelling personal purpose drives your engagement and performance with those on your team?)
  • Obsessed by mission: (what ‘larger-than-you’ belief about your work motivates you/your team every day?)


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