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Chicago Global Leadership Summit 2014 Highlights

Bill Hybels – “Twenty years ago way before Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Netflix I stepped to the podium of the Lakeside Auditorium in front of about two thousand expectant people and I explained what I felt was the need to launch this thing called The Leadership Summit.”

Jeffrey Immelt – “Leadership is this intense journey into your-self. It’s how much you’re willing to learn, how much you’re willing to give. I think the best leaders keep their people safe but the best leaders go forward.”

Carly Fiorini – “When you get human potential untapped and motivate it to achieve a worthy purpose every-thing truly is possible.”

Erica Ariel Fox – “I would offer to you that we miss out on some of life’s most meaningful opportunities not because we can’t negotiate successfully with other people, it’s because we can’t negotiate yet successfully with ourselves.”

Joseph Grenny – “If you feel frustrated and limited in your potential, if a relationship isn’t where you know it could be, stop, and ask the question ‘what’s the crucial conversation we’re either not holding or not holding well?’”

Michael JR – “I’ve been doing some new sports lately, I went ball hunting recently, ever go ball hunting? Some people call it golf.”

Patrick Lencioni – “I’m kind of tired of hearing about servant leadership. You know why? Because I don’t think there’s any other kind. Why should someone want to become a leader? …Because they want to sacrifice themselves for the well being of others.”

Don Flow – “…the company will not be more truthful or more graceful than I am, I’m the constraint on our company, our ability to express that.”

Ivan Satyavrata – “Leaders who lead well finish well and leave a lasting legacy are those who recognise their power is a sacred trust to be used to build up not to destroy.”

Louie Giglio – “You’ve got to take the step sometimes into the unknown. Life is short but God is big. Successful leaders breathe this air. Life is short but God is able to do anything.”

Tyler Perry – “I want to be as clear as I can so I can hear from God and the only way I can do that is by getting away from everybody for a moment so that when people see my work they know this is not just about making them laugh it’s about helping them spiritually.”

Susan Cain – “Individuals produce more ideas and better ideas than groups of people brain storming together. We need to restore quiet to our cultures.”

Allen Catherine Kagina – “If we will invite the kingdom of God to where we are in the public areas God will take over and we’ll begin to see better societies. It has happened and it can happen anywhere.”

Bryan Loritts – “William Wilberforce, he didn’t subscribe to an organisation that only catered to the affluent and the reason why Bryan Loritts is planting a church in Memphis Tennessee, a segregated town is because a 25 year old white man could not relegate leadership to a mere theory.”

Wilfredo De Jesús – “Now you cannot as a pastor, as a business, as an organisation, you cannot let your budget dictate your faith because once the moral condition of your community has been revealed to you we must move to action.”

Bill Hybels – “Legacy leaders are the ones who leave something beautiful behind. Enough of playing small, enough of playing safe, it’s time for a grander vision.”

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