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Dear Friends

Re: The Artisan Soul Seminars, February 2015

Not long now and Erwin McManus will be spending two days with us, in Stafford and then Bracknell, stimulating our minds and stirring our hearts in his unique way.

My first experience of Erwin was at The Leadership Summit at Willow Creek in 2003. He was scheduled to speak on ‘The Character Matrix’ on the second day, but at the last minute was asked to fill in on the first day also. So up he stepped to the platform and delivered perhaps the more memorable talk of the two – although both were excellent – a sermon really, called ‘The Barbarian Way Out of Civilisation.’

Do you remember it? Have you heard it? It still has the ‘wow’ factor for me – a rousing call to truly follow Jesus, out of safety, into life.*

Since then Erwin has visited both Willow Creek and the WCA UK & Ireland events on several occasions, although it’s now five years since we last saw him here.

Having delved into his latest book, which the seminars will address, I sense that this is going to be one of those days to lift our sights and yet keep our feet firmly on the ground. Erwin has an unusual ability to hold up a mirror and show you the best person you can be. Then he says, “get to work!”

We have a 15{%} DISCOUNT available until 31 January. Plus we have the book available at a discount when you order tickets.

Will you come? Please bring others – I think this will be an experience to share.


All the best
Will Salmon
Executive Director


*’The Barbarian Way’ and ‘The Character Matrix’ are on the 2003 Team Edition DVD Set (2003 was a good year. But then again, so was 2004, and 5, and 6…).