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People Need to Be Involved: Boundaries and Guidelines for Roles in the Church – John Burke

People Need to Be Involved from Out of the Culture on Vimeo.


Part of what makes church messy if you’re seeing church raised up out of the culture is that people who are not sure what they believe are coming and seeking and wanting to get involved.

Involvement is in fact one of the best ways for them to start to feel a part of the church and build the relationships necessary for them to open up to the message of Jesus Christ.

At John’s church, in the midst of the mess, they hold the bar up high on spiritual leadership. They make sure that the leader is truly following Christ in their life and core beliefs, so that when they are leading others they are in fact leading them towards Christ.

So while they hold the bar high on leadership, they can encourage the involvement of everybody. They have seen people far from God come to faith because of their involvement and also because the church has been willing to engage their knowledge and skills.

You have to define church not as certain people sitting on certain seats on a certain day of the week, but as the fruit you see in someone’s life, which is exactly how Jesus told us to define it.

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