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Life: It’s More than Business – Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis relies on a three-pronged system to keep businesses healthy and measure success: people, process and product. He will be speaking at the 2017 Global Leadership Summit.

To learn more about this serial investor, check out this video:

Marcus Lemonis has been practicing good leadership principles since before he reached his teens. At the age of 12, he had his own lawn business—with 10 kids on his payroll.

Now he invests his own money to help small businesses. As a star of two CNBC reality shows, he couples his monetary investment with hands-on advice.

“Life is not—and business is not—just about business. Life is really about people. It’s about establishing relationships that truly make a difference,” he says. Marcus uses the following three guidelines when searching for the right people for the right jobs.

  1. It is not just critical to have the right people—you have to have them in the right roles as well.
  1. It’s important to create an “enabling” environment for your employees to ensure they can perform at their best for your company. Having the right people in place isn’t going to lead to success if they’re in an environment where they’re made to feel like failures.
  1. In any business, you have to have the right people and it’s not just about their character, it’s about their training and having the right passion, skills and the moral compass you need.

Marcus Lemonis

With many ventures on his resume, including the hit TV show, The Profit, Marcus Lemonis is the CEO of America’s No.1 source for RVs and the largest organisation of RV owners in the world. Lemonis lends his expertise to other entrepreneurs using his evaluation system of three keys for business health and success: people, process and product.