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Life and Leadership – Tracee McAtear – 6

Tracee McAtearInterview series from 2019 with church leader, Tracee McAtear.

How do you see things looking ahead?

Our first decade of Connect Church has primarily focused on repurposing vision, establishing cultures and raising up leaders. Kirk and I are convinced that the only way the church can fulfil its mandate is to identify the treasure in our people and release them into God’s purposes for their lives. As a result, discipleship training has been an important emphasis in our church life. Resources from the GLN such as the yearly Global Leadership Summit and the online Developing Courageous Leaders course have been a huge help to us in equipping people to lead.

We are looking forward to the completion of our new building – the ‘Home and Hub’ to further magnify what is already happening. It will be a home where people are welcomed into God’s presence and family, and a hub where they are trained up and released into purpose and influence in the world.

The vision is not just for our own congregation but for the wider church. Hosting conferences and events like the Global Leadership Summit will be one of the ways we can equip leaders. We have already begun to host teams of youth leaders and pastors from the Czech Republic who have built relationships with us over the last five years through our trips to serve in their conferences and churches. They come to learn from us and our teams, to experience how we do church. We would like to expand this kind of training in the years to come. We are also hoping that Connect Church will be able to expand its range of influence by planting campuses in other locations in the not too distant future.

Kirk and I are both experiencing a gear change in our leadership at the moment. Besides pastoring the church, Kirk is the chaplain to the Birmingham City Football Club and has also just started serving our denomination as the national leader for Missions in the last few months. This is a huge honour and stretch, which has required all of us on the team at Connect Church to carry more of the leadership weight. Personally, I am about to start studying a Masters in Charity Accounting and Financial Management as I would like to support other churches and charities in accessing and stewarding their precious resources so that they can achieve and do more.

About Tracee

Tracee is a senior pastor with her husband, Kirk, at Connect Church, Birmingham.

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Life and Leadership

–is an interview series with leaders involved in the Global Leadership Network and the Global Leadership Summit. It takes inspiration primarily from The Guardian’s, ‘This Much I know,’ as well as interviews in Alpha Life, New Wine Magazine and others.
Interview by Will Salmon.