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Lessons For Young Leaders: You are Never too Young to Preach (and Other Mentoring Principles) – Simon Benham

We attempt to develop young leaders by putting them in “real” leadership situations, where they will stand or fall on the decisions they make, but where they also have mentors around them who can give them advice and pick up the pieces if it all goes wrong (which it rarely seems to!).

One example of this would be our Ten10 Sundays. On these Sundays across our three meetings we have ten different preachers, each of whom preaches for 10 minutes. Each preacher is linked with a mentor, who will be a more experienced communicator in our community and will help them with their message and delivery, as well as giving them feedback after they’ve spoken. We regularly have people as young as 14 and 15 speaking on these Sundays, alongside people in their 20’s all the way up to people in their 70’s.

Simon Benham
Kerith Community Church



  • James Lawrence

    Love the idea of ten10! So good to give people early experience in this area.