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If Your Friends Aren’t Becoming the Church, Something’s Wrong – John Burke

If you’re friends aren’t becoming the church, somethings wrong from Out of the Culture on Vimeo.


If our friends are not becoming the church then there is something wrong (especially for Christian leaders).

There is either something wrong with the way we are following Christ or there is something wrong with how we’re doing church.

Church is supposed to be the representation of Jesus in the world – his hands, feet, body.

When we look at Jesus’ ministry, the religious people were pretty turned off by him. The average people who got themselves in to all sorts of moral, financial, sexual messes were attracted to Jesus. That’s why the religious leaders had a derogatory term for him as being ‘the friend of sinners’.

If we who are following Christ and becoming his body as we follow him together are not seeing the same kind of impact in the world around us, where people are gravitating toward following Jesus because there is something life-giving about him, then we are not representing him well.

So we need to change something, either the way we’re following Christ or the way we’re doing church or the way we’re engaging with our friends and neighbours.

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