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GLS Process Tools–T.D. Jakes–Soar!–1

TD Jakes

Process Tools from T.D. Jakes’ GLS 2018 Session: Soar!

Your Vision.  T.D. Jakes shares that if you have a vision that everybody believes in, it is too small. You need to think about something that scares you! What vision, too big to speak, is currently in your mind and heart? As big as it seems, describe that vision (preferred future).

Write down the name of someone that might be a part of bringing that vision to life.

Small beginnings can lead to big visions and grand opportunities. What small, seemingly insignificant steps can you take to see this vision become reality?

As Jakes shares, sometimes the vision may be right, but the environment may be wrong. If you have not had traction on your vision in your current place, what condition or environmental changes might you need to make?  In what kind of environment would your vision thrive and where or how can you create that environment?

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