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GLS Process Tools–One-on-One Interview with Angela Ahrendts and John Maxwell–5

Angela AhrendtsProcess Tools from the GLS interview session with Angela Ahrendts and John Maxwell

Branding For The Future

Angela shares how brands outlive the employees and leaders and it is bigger than any one staff culture at any one time. When at Burberry, Angela asked the question, “What do we need to clean up, purify, and get ahead for this organisation to stay relevant for the next 150 years?”

With your team, inventory the past, present, and future of your organisation and how you can move the brand forward while leading in this season.

  1. Refine the why.  What’s the deeper purpose for why you are doing what your company does?
  2. How will we enrich the lives of our team and employees as we improve the company brand for the future?
  3. What ‘value add’ practices can you implement to enrich the lives of those your organisation exists to serve?


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