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Further Faster UK Conference

Further Faster UK

A two day conference led by North Point Community Church, Atlanta and presented by Lead Academy

Further Faster UK is a two-day conference for church leaders and teams.

Further Faster UK is a two-day conference for church leaders and teams passionate about healthy church growth. It takes inspiration from North Point Community Church’s highly acclaimed Drive Conference, which regularly gathers thousands of leaders from around the world.

Further Faster UK is for leaders who are continually adapting to a changing ministry context, seeking to embrace opportunities and address challenges in innovative ways.

Over the two days together you will have opportunity to hear from a team of experienced North Point senior leaders and practitioners as they share transferable principles for churches of any size and context who are passionate about the Great Commission.

You will learn principles on how to create environments that include and value unchurched people, how best to lead volunteers and develop and maintain a healthy leadership culture, amongst many other topics.  There will be seminars hosted by UK practitioners alongside leaders from North Point to dig deeper into particular subjects, as well as opportunities for your specific questions to be addressed by the North Point team.

Leadership teaching from Andy Stanley will also feature via video at the Further Faster event.  Together we will network, worship, learn, grow and have a lot of fun with many other leaders from across the UK.

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