Leadership Webinar Series hosted by Global Leadership Network UK

Helping You Lead with Clarity & Confidence

These webinars are a place for leaders to be equipped and inspired together
through high-quality teaching and helpful dialogue.


Receive Topical Teaching

– from key practitioners to help you navigate issues relevant to your leadership


Learn in Community

– connect with others facing similar questions and gain helpful takeaways


Gain Clarity & Confidence

– to apply what you have learned and help you lead through the challenges in your context


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About the Leadership Webinars

A 60-Minute Investment – and it’s FREE!
  • Online: The speakers will be available online to address leadership challenges and take your questions
  • Time Efficient: The 60-minute time slot allows you to block out the space for learning in your busy schedule
  • Live and Dynamic: You will be learning with others in real time, gaining new insights and fresh ideas, equipped and inspired to move ahead
Inspiring Continued Growth

The GLN is committed to strengthening churches and Christians in the UK & Ireland through world-class leadership development. One of the ways proven to be successful is through the Global Leadership Summit which takes place every Autumn. These webinars are an extension of the Summit’s reach and impact. They are designed primarily to provide topical training for Christian leaders,tackling issues that threaten the effectiveness and development of the local church and its people.

How Does It Work?
  1. Accept your invitation: You are invited! This is for you! Book Now and Sign-Up for the events.
  2. Attend online: It’s as simple as logging on the designated date and time
  3. Watch and Participate: Take notes and enter your questions for the speakers to address them in real time
Still have questions?
  • Is it really free? Yes, it really is! But you must register no later than the booking deadlines.
  • Who is this really for? This event is primarily for Christians who want to become better leaders and use their influence to make a difference – whether in church, business, school, the arts, or other sectors of society.
  • Will it be relevant? Right now we are all faced with challenges in leading ourselves, other people, or on an organisational level. This event provides you the opportunity to submit your questions relating to your challenges and receive real-time coaching.
  • Will my questions be answered? The speakers will be supported by a team who will receive and work through the questions in real time. Questions will be grouped according to theme or topic and presented to the speakers. Similar to Q&A sessions at conferences, your participation is vital if you would like something to be addressed.
  • Do I have to participate? Not necessarily. The webinar is an interactive experience according to your preferences – take part or just take notes or both!


Don’t miss these opportunities to grow your leadership

Join us for fresh, actionable insights from the speakers and engage with him around key issues you and your team face.

Registration is required for these free, live coaching events.


Upcoming Webinars


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