Thank you for your interest in supporting the work of the Global Leadership Summit. Since 2005 the GLS has been building into churches and Christians around the world, helping them develop their leadership skills, cheering them on through difficult times and inspiring them to greater heights. Our mission is to create world-class leadership development to energise Christians and mobilise churches globally. Our vision is to help Christians grow their leadership to maximise Kingdom impact. None of this would be possible without the partnership and support of local churches and volunteers. 

How You Can Get Involved


Please join us in praying that thousands of Christians across the UK & Ireland will grow in their leadership as a result of the GLS. Pray that those in church leadership will be built-up in order to serve better; for the churches that host the GLS in their desire to serve other churches in their region – for their leaders, their teams and their volunteers, and for the weeks of preparation and the operations during the event. Pray for the technical aspects, the delegate experience, the GLS Facilitators, the times of worship and prayer. Please pray for the GLN UK & Ireland staff team as they organise, advertise and administer numerous aspects of the event and seek to support the host churches and their volunteers. Pray for safe journeys. Pray for a special time of team-building amongst the churches and organisations attending. Thank you for your prayers.

Host the GLS

If you have a vision for leadership development in your region then the GLS is a powerful resource to help you achieve your aims – it raises the leadership culture in your own church, unites people around a cause and is a great gift to your community. Find out more.

Invite Others

Each year we hear delegates express how they wished so and so had been there with them or that their whole team had come. As someone who knows the value of the GLS experience, try and plan well ahead of time who you could bring with you. In doing so, you will be supporting the vision and mission of the WCA and GLS Host Churches as well as benefitting those you bring with you.

Help Us Promote the GLS

You can support the GLS by helping us make it known:

Social Media and Web

If you enjoy using social media, please make a point of regularly interacting with our Facebook and Twitter communications. For your blog, please consider writing a piece about the GLS. On your website, could you include a GLS banner and link?


Please make good use of the official GLS flyer – we can supply as many as you need. Also, would you consider including an advert for the GLS in your Church or Organisation’s newsletter?

Share Your GLS Story

If you have a GLS story to tell, would you consider writing a piece for our blog? It could be about your experience of the event or something you implemented as a result. We would love to hear from you and share your story.

Run a Taster GLS Event

A leadership breakfast? Lunch? Supper? Coffee morning? Could you gather a crowd to watch a past GLS session and encourage them along to this year’s event? See the past sessions available online and the Team Edition DVD sets.


At WCA UK & Ireland we are committed to building into Christian leaders and local churches by providing a first-class experience through whole-hearted service. Your donation to the work is always a great encouragement. You can give here.