GLSnext Event

Church Leadership Seminar

This seminar will help you understand and address the culture
inside and outside of your church so you can lead and minister more effectively


Helping You Lead with Clarity and Confidence


Receive Topical Teaching

– to help you navigate issues relevant to church leadership


Dialogue with the Speakers

– and with others facing similar questions to hear different perspectives


Gain Clarity & Confidence

– to help you lead through the challenges in your context


Topics & Speakers


Mike HillChurch & Culture

Mike Hill, CEO, GLN UK & Ireland

This session is an opportunity to take stock of what is happening in our UK context right now and consider how the local church can engage with it wisely. 

All ministry takes place in a context. Our understanding of the world impacts how we relate to it – if we don’t have a good read on the culture, it’s likely that our mission strategy will miss it’s stated aim. As a result, we will feel increasingly alienated and out of touch – in a foreign land. 

In this session, Mike Hill will work through the challenges and especially look at how to contend for the faith in a way that doesn’t alienate but leads to healthy and holistic growth.


Paul PerkinHandling Difficult Conversations

Paul Perkin, Senior Pastor, St Mark’s Church

The leader of a significant sized organisation described the leadership role as ‘A series of Difficult Conversations’! That organisation happened to be a large church – but it could have been almost any church, business, charity, or political, public sector or mission organisation.

How the leaders therefore bring wisdom, skill and experience to conversations is central to the effectiveness of their role. Business acumen is one thing, trained knowledge another, but almost every effective, undefended leader also brings emotional intelligence, acute self-awareness, relational empathy, courage, sensitivity ad humility – qualities rarely developed in management training courses – or theological colleges, for that matter.

This session will look at how to have successful one-to-ones, how to open up an issue to a team, how to hold fruitful tension between the healthy clash of ideas, from which our best decisions come.






0930 Arrivals and Registration
1000 Worship & Bible Reading led by Mike Hill
1045 Coffee
1115 Teaching by Paul Perkin
1200 Worship, Prayer and Processing
1230 Lunch (own arrangements)
1345 Teaching Session by Mike Hill
1430 Q & A with Mike Hill & Paul Perkin
1500 Closing Worship
1515 Depart


St Mark’s Battersea Rise


21 May 2020


Fees start from £25






About GLSnext Seminars for Church Leaders

The GLN is committed to strengthening churches in the UK & Ireland through world-class leadership development. One of the ways proven to be successful is through the Global Leadership Summit which takes place every Autumn. GLSnext seminars are an extension of the Summit’s reach and impact. They are designed specifically to be a day of topical training for church ministry leaders, tackling issues that threaten the effectiveness and development of the local church.