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GLS21—How’s your day looking?

GLS21-Animated-Email-BannerGiven the current season, you may be filling a lot of time with your work. And then as work expands with the more time you give it, you start to lose track of time until it seems beyond your control.

If that’s you, the best thing you can do with your time is to take a ‘time out’. Nothing new here. But we often fail to do it—do we feel like we need permission?

Well, here’s a gift right here: give yourself permission to take a time out.

And here’s another gift: invest that time in yourself.

Whether it’s five minutes or five hours, the principle of ‘refilling your cup’ is a time-tested teaching at the Global Leadership Summit.

So be encouraged—it’s something the experts recommend.

And take note that we’re accounting for your time pressures at this year’s Summit also.

Based on feedback, we’re running a shorter 1-day GLS with six talks selected for their relevance and impact.

After each talk, you’ll have a 20-minute ‘time out’ to process key learnings and determine next steps.

It won’t feel like a race—you’ll enjoy the pace. You’ll also enjoy the fresh insights and inspiration from the selected talks:

  • Craig Groeschel has some helpful insight on leading through chaos.
  • Juliet Funt is all about taking a strategic pause.
  • Albert Tate shows how grief and hope can live and work together.
  • Anthony Delaney helps us step forward even though the odds might look stacked against us.
  • Jamie Kern Lima gets to the core of your true purpose
  • And Malcolm Gladwell provides compelling storytelling that will inspire you to risk all for your calling.

It’s quite a day—obviously we’d like you to come for the whole day, but that may not be possible. That’s fine. Your ticket means you can catch up with the replay

There are other benefits too.

Did you know a GLS21 ticket includes annual subscription to readitfor.me book summaries and RealTime Media’s resource library—including courses by Summit favourites Patrick Lencioni and John Maxwell?

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. That’s all great stuff if you can afford the time. For now, why not join us for a session or two today?

We’re confident you’ll find it worthwhile—a replenishing ‘time out’, helping you re-energise and re-focus your time moving forward.

If so, book here and in just a few minutes you’ll be inside the conference.

How’s your day looking now?

To your leadership!


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