Make GLS a Local Experience with a Micro-Gathering

We are so excited that you are considering hosting a local GLS micro-gathering. As a leader in your community, you understand when leaders get better, whole communities get better too, so this is a perfect opportunity to empower the women and men within your circle of influence, at your church and in your community.

Basic Requirements
  • Your micro-gathering requires a minimum group size of 10 people or more.
  • All participants need to register through GLN UK & Ireland (see details below).
  • Your event will be “live feed” from one of the six GLS21 online experiences, following the same programme.
  • You will need a large screen or method of projection so your participants can comfortably watch and engage with the GLS speakers.
  • You will need a standard broadband internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to stream large video files.
  • You can run several micro-gatherings over the six dates.
  • Live music and catering are optional.
Planning & Preparation
  1. Plan your event date/s.
  2. Use the Marketing Kit to promote your micro-gathering to your team, organisation, congregation and local community.
  3. Ensure all who attend your GLS micro-gathering are registered via the GLN UK & Ireland (see details below). They will receive 7-day video-on-demand following the event along with their own GLN Partnership subscription, providing access to GLS webinars and 24/7 online learning.
  4. Communicate your event plans to those registered in your micro-gathering (inc. any catering options and any ‘house rules’ to minimise distractions).
  5. Implement Covid-safe plan for your venue.
  6. Print GLS Notebooks or provide participants access to a digital copy.
  7. Have a tech savvy participant oversee audio-visual components to optimise internet streaming, picture and sound quality.
  8. Stream the GLS21 online experience onto a suitably large screen.
  9. Your GLS21 event will essentially be a ‘plug and play’ experience, providing you with online facilitation which guides participants through reflection and discussion times. However, we recommend you appoint a local host to ensure smooth running of the breakout discussion times.
  10. Oversee break times and any catering arrangements.
  11. Register your group for GLS 2022 before the advertised deadline to secure in-conference rates.
  12. Encourage all your group members to complete the feedback form which will be emailed to them after the conference.
  13. Encourage their continued development through future GLN events such as GLS webinars and the GLS Special Edition.
How to Register Participants in Your Micro-Gathering

There are two ways you can make a group booking:

  1. Email with your request. We will then provide details of how to make payment, register each member of your group and send confirmation to them.
  2. Register each person individually on the website and pay via a payment card each time. Each participant will receive an email confirmation upon your booking. Please ensure you are logged out of your own account prior to registering each member of your group, otherwise their GLN account will not be set up.