Online Experience | Friday 19 March | 9am-12:30pm


Get a Leadership Boost of Insight and Encouragement

You want to thrive, but maybe 2020 has left you feeling foggy about how to move forward. This is why Patrick Lencioni, Vanessa Van Edwards, Jerry Lorenzo and Craig Groeschel are coming together to bring you a leadership boost full of encouragement and insight to help you forge ahead with clarity of vision and new energy.

On Friday 19 March from 9 am – 12:30 pm, we invite you to enjoy three+ hours of high-impact leadership training from this world-class speaker line-up. Hosted virtually via our interactive online platform. The speakers will deliver you inspiration and direct application from their latest experiences and research;their fresh perspectives will help you thrive with clarity of vision and new energy.

Don’t stay in the fog or 2020, be equipped to forge ahead in 2021!

This event is a replay of the live event in the US, 25 February 2021. It will feature the recorded talks along with facilitated breakout discussions.


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Online Community Around Quality Content

This Special Edition GLS will provide you with an online community experience gathered around outstanding content.

The peer-to-peer interactions and quality teaching will be facilitated by online hosts to provide an experience that will equip and inspire your leadership for the weeks and months ahead.

Accessible on your preferred device, you will have:

  • world-class speakers to inspire you
  • specialised content to equip you
  • facilitated discussion to help you process key takeaways
  • peer-to-peer interactions via ‘chat’ and ‘breakouts’ to stimulate your thinking and make connections
  • online/downloadable notes and tools to consolidate your learning

Take Advantage of Breakout Rooms

Your facilitator will help you move from information to transformation through a guided discussion after each session. These discussions will take place in virtual breakout rooms.

Take the Next Step!
  • Attend The Global Leadership Summit Online Experience
  • Apply the leadership insights and inspiration into your life and work right away.
  • Experience leadership growth and thrive personally and professionally.
  • When you’re thriving in your greatest potential, you also influence those around you for the better.

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Gain Insights from World-Class Leadership Speakers

Experience high-impact sessions to help you forge ahead with clarity of vision and new energy.

Patrick Lencioni at the GLS Special Edition

Patrick Lencioni
Best-Selling Author; Founder and President at The Table Group, Inc.

Patrick will help you unlock your natural genius and the genius of your team while also helping you discover how this simple and practical model can guide your team to thrive like never before.

Patrick Lencioni is the author of eleven best-selling books with more than five million copies sold, including The Five Dysfunctions of a Team. Dedicated to providing organisations with ideas, products and services that improve teamwork, clarity and employee engagement, his leadership models serve a diverse base from Fortune 500 companies to professional sports organisations to churches.

Vanessa Van Edwards at the GLS Special Edition

Vanessa Van Edwards
Best-Selling Author; Lead Behavioral Investigator, Science of People

Vanessa Van Edwards will explore the science of personality diving into how you can better predict behavior, fix communication problems and build stronger, deeper relationships.

Vanessa Van Edwards is lead investigator at the Science of People— a human behavior research lab, whose goal is to use the latest scientific research and trends to help leaders master their people skills. Her innovative work has been featured on CNN, NPR, Fast Company and Entrepreneur Magazine and she regularly speaks to innovative companies including Google, Facebook, Comcast, Microsoft and Penguin Random-House. Van Edwards has developed a science-based framework for understanding different personalities to improve our EQ and help us communicate with colleagues, clients and customers and is the bestselling author of Captivate: The Science of Succeeding with People.

Craig Groeschel at the GLS Special Edition

Craig Groeschel
Founder & Senior Pastor, Life.Church; Best-Selling Author; Champion of the GLS

Craig will identify four steps you can take to boost your leadership confidence to battle insecurity both personally, on your team, and in this season.

Globally recognised as a leader of leaders, Craig Groeschel is the founder and senior pastor of Life.Church, rated the #1 place to work in 2020 for small and mid-size companies by Glassdoor. Known for their missional approach to leveraging the latest technology, Life.Church is the innovative creator of the YouVersion Bible App—downloaded in every country worldwide. In 2020, Life.Church provided free tools to thousands of churches who quickly transitioned to a virtual church experience in the wake of the global health pandemic. Traveling the world as a champion of The Global Leadership Summit, Groeschel advocates for building leaders in every sector of society. He is also the host of the top-ranked Craig Groeschel Leadership Podcast. A New York Times best-selling author, his latest book is Winning the War in Your Mind: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life.

Jerry Lorenzo at the GLS Special EditionJerry Lorenzo
Founder & Designer of Fashion Label, Fear of God; Global Head, Adidas Basketball

Dig into leadership insights with Jerry Lorenzo as Craig Groeschel explores the leadership behind his fashion brand phenomenon. In this interview, identify how conviction, intention and empathy can drive your organisation forward. Discover what core messages unify and focus Jerry’s team and how overcoming internal obstacles and creating healthy habits keep us grounded and confident.

Jerry Lorenzo Manuel is an American fashion designer and founder of the label, Fear of God. Raised in Sacramento, West Palm Beach and Chicago, Lorenzo grew up with first-hand understanding of the contemporary American landscape as he followed his father’s professional baseball career cross country. Concurrently, Lorenzo developed an appreciation for heritage through visits to vintage stores nationwide with his mother. His upbringing became the precursor of his idea for a new American classic now known as Fear of God. In 2013, Lorenzo chose fashion despite plans to follow in the footsteps of his father in sport and established the now renowned label, conceived through a union of his creative vision, menswear experience and market expertise. Equipped with an MBA from Loyola University Chicago School of Business and an intrinsic understanding of the missing gap between the runway and wardrobe, Lorenzo’s honest and opinionated approach to fashion continues to push Fear of God into an icon of contemporary American luxury. Most recently, he’s been honoured to partner with Adidas and join their team as global head of Adidas Basketball.

Compelling Feedback

We strive to provide an inspirational and informative experience with tangible results for all who attend. Take a look at what some of our GLS attendees have said and how it has altered their perspective. 



A fantastic conference and must for any leader who wants to develop. The combination of incredible speakers and accessible price are the reasons. Roz Tacon, GLS 20/21

This is the one-stop shop for the best annual investment in oneself. It is HIGHLY recommended!!! Peter Ayeni, GLS 20/21

Godly challenge, inspiration and invigoration – for me, our team and our church. Next year’s GLS is in the diary! Andrew Hemmens, GLS 20/21

Having been off work on furlough for the past 6 months and having felt quite nervous about returning to work after such a long period of time away, the GLS helped me to regain vision, confidence and excitement for my job role. Jessica Hills, GLS 20/21

Highly stimulating quality input that will make you reflect afresh on your situation. Peter Wood, GLS 20/21

A day well spent, with great speakers to encourage and inspire you to be a better leader and servant of God. Pearl Smith, GLS 20/21

GLS is a MUST in my calendar every year! Inspirational, helpful and practical content at great value. Business Leader, GLS 20/21

A fantastic event. Highly recommended. A great encouragement. Luke Cozens, GLS 20/21

Compelling Outcomes

For almost 25 years, the Summit has proven to produce compelling outcomes* for attendees.

79% feel improved teamwork, increased job satisfaction and productivity
72% cited concrete ways their supervisor became a better leader
68% were inspired to impact their community
89% gained courage to lead despite opposition

*Independent research conducted by Excellence in Giving based on repeat Summit attendee data.





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  • Individual online tickets must be booked with their unique email address and names.
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