Host the Global Leadership Summit – A Resource for Growth and Outreach


The goal of the GLS is to inspire, encourage and equip Christians to grow in their leadership for maximum impact in their communities and spheres of influence.

  • Develop and inspire your team, staff and volunteers
  • Encourage a leadership culture and establish a common vision
  • Enable networking opportunities with leaders from your local community


The GLS can also be used by churches as a tool for outreach – to serve businesses, schools/teachers, medics, non-profits, local authorities and more.


The GLS objective is to provide the following:

God Honouring Excellence

  • Delivered through a partnership agreement between GLN and the Host Church based on a consistent historical orthodox view of biblical Christianity


  • Leadership focused in its content
  • Application focused in its programme and follow-up
  • Fearless about stretching people beyond their comfort zone
  • Serious about diversity, social and justice issues


  • In cooperation with existing local partners
  • Develop new networking opportunities
  • Inspire in-house leadership and volunteerism
  • Commit to raising the value of world class leadership development

GLN has developed a generic model for the successful delivery of the GLS and there are some considerations which require evaluation before committing to becoming a GLS Host Church. We emphasise to all interested parties that it is a volunteer-intensive endeavour but it has the power to help unite and strengthen your church community and is a wonderful gift to your local area. To execute a successful GLS, there is a number of requirements to consider, as follows:

GLS Vision

You have experienced a Global Leadership Summit in the UK and/or the live event in Chicago and have a passion to serve your local community and see the teaching reach your geographical region.


  • Delegate seating 250+
  • Complete blackout
  • Large central 16:9 aspect ratio screen
  • Hardware: Data Projector 6,000 lumens+ and High Spec Mac computer (less than 2 years old)
  • Software: Planning Center Online and ProPresenter by RenewedVision (recent version)

Other Facilities

  • Locations on site for delegate registration, refreshments and resources, prayer and volunteers
  • Sufficient Rest Rooms
  • Adequate delegate parking on site or within walking distance of the venue


  • The building and personnel provided free of charge
  • Appointment of an operations team with the necessary skills to deliver the GLS programme
  • Commitment to operations team training/coaching provided by GLN

Future Growth

An open mind in expanding the Global Leadership Summit to include Youth GLS and Business GLS

Register Interest

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Host Site for the Global Leadership Summit.
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The decision for new host sites takes into account the location of any existing sites in your region. Upon submission, you will be sent additional Summit host information to the email provided.