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The Global Leadership Summit 2018 videocast is making an impact around the UK & Ireland.
The below charts represent a 20% response rate.

Delegate endorsements
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“Every year I am challenged to get better as a leader. Each talk produced some challenging take-away’s that will help the Team and myself to get better for God’s Kingdoms sake!!!”

Revd Canon George Rogers, Werrington Parish Church, GLS Cambridge 2018
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“I attended the GLS at Cheltenham. I was so very pleased that I did. My husband works in finance and I always think of the Summit as being more suitable for him. I work as a Christian Counsellor and actually it was just as relevant to me. There were many thought provoking moments and much insight to be gathered. Much reassurance given about our mistakes being learning curves and opportunities for growth. Particularly humbling to hear about the risks taken by Pastors in countries where this sort of thing is not encouraged. We are so fortunate. A reminder to not take all that is available for granted. Thank you all for making this teaching so accessible to all.”

Maria Redman, GLS Cheltenham 2018
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“This year was my second year of attending the GLS. From my experience, every year has something new to offer. It is a very rewarding summit both spiritually and generally whether you are a leader in an organisation or not. Everyone is a leader somehow in life.”

Joel Danjuma, Milton Keynes Christian Centre, GLS Milton Keynes 2018
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“Probably the best ever – in the dozen I have attended – in terms of overall standard across all speakers.”

Nigel di Castiglione, GLS Cambridge 2018
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“As usual this year was an inspiring couple of days. The blend of speakers, content and teaching styles was fantastic. There was something for everyone and Christ was honoured.”

Peter Yarr, Thriving Life Church, GLS Belfast 2018
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“GLS was an eye opener for my husband and I. We came for seperate roles but left more as a team. It was an encouragement, a challenge, the speakers were inspirational and it was an answer to some prayers. I’ve shared next year with so many people already! Thank you GLS, keep going.”

Charlotte Ross, Bessels Green Baptist Church, GLS London Orpington 2018
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“I went to GLS18 feeling that in the light of events this might be my last. I came away with renewed enthusiasm, renewed vision, transferable leadership skills learnt and more determined than ever to pursue God’s purposes in my life. Definitely not my last GLS!”

Martin Saxby, Rugby Elim, GLS Milton Keynes 2018
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“For me the GLS is one of the first things that goes in my diary for the coming year. It never fails to challenge, to stimulate and to encourage not just me but the whole team. Looking forwards to 2019 already!”

Edward Hobbs, St Andrew’s Cullompton, GLS Bristol 2018
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“This was my 4th visit to the same church venue in London and I’m never disappointed. GLS has been my lifeline conference year on year and 2018 was more of the same. Each year I am challenged in a different way and each year has significant bearing on where God is leading me the following year. I have learnt to trust the process. Inspiring and challenging teaching, mind bending paradigms in some instances, food for thought in others, fantastic hospitality and worship and some wonderful networking opportunities too. I will do everything I can not to miss it each year.”

Traci Lowden-Stoole, Care for the Family, GLS London Battersea 2018
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“GLS 2018 was relentlessly inspiring and challenging.”

Steve Potts, Justact, GLS Cambridge 2018


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