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Change v Transformation – Mike Hill

Mike HillDear Friends


I hope this communication finds you in good heart and encouraged in your leadership.  At GLN we are hugely encouraged by those of you who support the GLS with your attendance and for the amazing stories we hear about how the GLS has encouraged and re-envisioned you for the work you are called to.  THANK YOU! Please do all you can this year to invite those within your sphere of influence to come to GLS 2020 in your locality.

The faculty list for 2020 has just been released and I can say the people booked to speak excite me massively.


George Barna, researcher and future watcher challenged me recently as I read his stuff, in making the distinction between change and transformation.  He describes change as a short-term alteration that can occur rapidly but that can also revert rapidly. In contrast, he says that transformation is a long term shift requiring lots of time and resource for it to take root.

In leadership, I have discovered that too often we apply change strategies to problems that really require the time and resource that transformation demands.  He quotes as an example declining church numbers. Too often, he says, we apply strategies for change when really what is required is transformation.

He states that the core problem is (and the data supports this) that the numbers of people who believe that Jesus Christ has anything to do with their lives is shrinking – the symptom is less people attending church. (There is also some alarming evidence to suggest that a growing percentage of people who believe that Jesus has nothing to do with their lives are ex church members.)

Change strategies such as sacking the organist and bringing in a worship group, changing the hymn book, and erecting a screen may be legitimate changes, but in themselves don’t address the core problem of increasing unbelief.

Of course, change and transformation strategies are related.  Good leaders understand the interplay between change and transformation thinking in a way that synergises robust growth, but may initially lead to decline before any improvement ensues.  That’s where a leader’s courage begins to show – or creak!

Here at GLN we really want to know how we can help you achieve the changes and transformation you desire to see. How can we help provide you with the learning – and the support to progress your learning – so that you can lead a healthy organisation into a challenging future? Do get in touch and let us know.


Below are some events that I trust will be of great help to you. I hope to see you sometime, somewhere soon:

Leading for Healing – A Leaders Gathering with Steve Gillen – THIS MONDAY!
GLSnext Online Coaching with Craig Groeschel – Booking Deadline THIS SUNDAY! 
GLSnext Seminar for Church Leaders – London Battersea – 21 May
GLSnext Seminar for Church Leaders – Cheltenham – 9 June

With prayerful good wishes
Your brother in Christ
Mike Hill
CEO, GLN UK & Ireland