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3 Important Things Happen When You Attend a GLS – Albert Tate

ATateThe Global Leadership Summit in August 2020 was the hardest speaking engagement I’ve ever done in my life.

The auditorium was an empty, dark valley of a space. I knew hundreds of thousands of people were going to be watching on the other side of the camera, but right in front of me were just ten people all working and filming.

I was thinking through my opening line, “It’s a tale of authenticity…”

They started counting down… 5, 4, 3 2, 1… “Albert, you’re live!”

But when they said, “Go!” I said, “It’s tale of…”

And I couldn’t remember the word “authenticity”!

I couldn’t find the word! It slowly started walking back to me one letter at a time and jumped into my head just in time.

Sometimes I feel like in my leadership that happens to me… I get called back to authenticity—I get called back to be who God called and created ME to be.

This is why The Global Leadership Summit is so important, especially as we strive to bring these critical reminders, insights and encouragement to leaders around the world.

There are three things The Global Leadership Summit does…
1. The Summit reminds us we are leaders

It reminds me I’m born to be here. I’m a leader and I have influence. The GLS has the audacity to say, I don’t care what you’ve been told before, but you’re a leader and you have influence. Everyday people can be great leaders. The GLS puts people in front of us to remind us of who we are. It reminds us that our leadership matters, wherever we are—what we do and who we are really matters.

2. The Summit calls us up

Even as I was trying to work on what I was going to contribute at the Summit, I got called up and punched in the gut with fresh motivation and insight… I was reminded that not only am I a leader, but I’m also being called up. I was reminded of the things I need to work on, the things I need to do better. The GLS reminds us so well that our leadership matters and stretches us to be better.

3. The Summit sends us out

The GLS says, go out and be great. I had the privilege of closing the Summit this year. As I think about the closing session, I look out at our world, and it looks so dark. I’m reminded that we need leadership like never before. We also need to think about the kind of leadership we need. We have poor examples of leadership out there right now. Lately, the Lord has been saying this to me—we need to make courageous decisions so that a generation will talk about the sacrifices we made. We need generation-impacting leadership. We need to think bigger, act more courageously and lead like never before.

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