Sharpen Your Leadership Skills Throughout the Year 


GLS Special Edition—Business, 20 May, 9am-1pm
Working through so many pressures and unknowns is a test of endurance which may be pushing you and your colleagues to the limit. The GLS Special Edition—Business is designed to help you build resilience and set the right pace to lead yourself, your team and your organisation towards a better future. When you engage with others around this exceptional leadership content, you will gain clarity and confidence to face your challenges and move forward with renewed vision, strength and purpose. More.


Leadership Webinar—The Heart of Success, 9 June, Noon-1pm
The pandemic that is sweeping the world, the ensuing lockdown and the sense of the fragility not only of our lives but our economies has caused many – both individuals and companies, to consider our priorities. What does it mean to be successful – and how do we evaluate that? With guest live speaker, Rob Parsons, Care for the Family. More.

GLS Special Edition with Carey Nieuwhof, 16 June, 9am-12:30pm
Join Carey Nieuwhof as he shares insights on thriving in leadership, overcoming overwhelm, leading teams, and more. More.


Global Leadership Summit 21/22 Online Experience
Your leadership matters. When you invest in developing your leadership skills, you also give back to everyone around you. Join us for a 1-day infusion of fresh, actionable and inspiring training. More.





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