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Just Leadership - Book and TV launchJust Leadership TV Series, Thursdays evenings from 16 September to 11 November

8:00 pm – Freeview Channel 65|Sky 582|Online
8:30 pm – Take part in the live conversation visit:

Starting on 16th September, each week Simon Barrington and Justin Humphreys (authors of the recently released book – Just Leadership) will be joined by different special guests as they explore the theology of justice, how we put justice at the heart of our leadership and how we can see justice roll like rivers in our Churches, businesses, charities and in society.

Each episode will be aired at 8 pm on Thursday nights on TBNUK and will be followed by a live webinar afterwards at 8:30 pm.  The series starts on Thursday 16th September and will run through to Thursday 25th November, and each episode will also be available on TBN on catchup after it has been broadcast live. 

Following each episode, our CEO Roger Fairhead will join Simon and Justin in hosting a live zoom webinar-based conversation where you can join in and explore the content and questions raised in the episode. 

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To watch the TV show online visit: tbnuk-live
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Global Leadership Summit 2021Global Leadership Summit 21/22 Online Experience
Whether you’re a business leader, CEO, pastor, teacher, nurse, student, artist, soldier, parent, doctor, volunteer, entrepreneur, or simply finding your place, you have influence.

Every day you impact those around you through your influence—for better or worse, in both big and small ways.

During a season that may have depleted your energy, stunted your growth or left you in the dark, it’s time to rediscover a new hope for your future in order to raise the positive difference you can make.

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12 January 2022

Ibukun AwosikaGLS Webinar | Noon-1pm
Only You Can Choose—Ibukun Awosika

Everywhere we work—our businesses, our churches, our not for profits—gives each one of us choices every day. They put before us difficult situations in which we must decide how to move forward.

In this talk, Ibukun Awosika uses her own experiences as a leader in a very challenging ethical environment, to explore how understanding who you are, your purpose and value system is the only way to walk steadily in the shifting sand of culture.

Walk away with insights on how you might gain this kind of integrity and strength as you lead into an uncertain future to create a world where everyone can thrive. Only you can choose who you want to be.

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9 February 2022

GLS Webinar | Noon-1pm
Require Civility to Lead—Shola Richards

Around the world, there is a growing sense that civility has been traded for a much lesser discourse. As leaders, more than ever it is our role to lead back to civility.

Join Shola Richards as he explores practical ways to lead yourself and others in this endeavour, including eliminating what weakens us, the distinction between being kind and nice, and being leaders that leave a wake of civility in our path.


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9 March 2022

Michelle PolerGLS Webinar | Noon-1pm
Hello Fears—Michelle Poler

It has been said that the strongest of leaders overcome their fears and compel their team to do the same. But what if this isn’t how a great leader tackles fear? What if our best leaders don’t get rid of their fears but lean into them with bravery and pass that courage on to others.

Join Michelle Poler as she explores, different types of fears and their effects on us, how to engage with our fears, and the difference between being fearless and being brave.


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6 April 2022

Rich Wilkerson JrGLS Webinar | Noon-1pm
The Grind of Leadership—Rich Wilkerson Jr

If leadership was easy, everyone would do it. Anyone can start something, but it takes a leader to finish it. Anyone can celebrate a win, but it takes a leader to endure a loss. Anyone can get excited about the future, but it takes a leader to stay committed to the daily grind.

Join Rich Wilkerson and learn to ‘rename, reframe, and remain’ so you can reclaim the grind and take ground in your leadership.


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11 May 2022

Dr Francesca Gino at GLS21GLS Webinar | Noon-1pm
Rebel Talent—Dr Francesca Gino

In general, education and life teach us to conform; the longer you are in your field, the easier it becomes to conform to its norms.

This is unfortunate because conformity and mindless acceptance of rules stifles creativity. And, as strange as it might sound, the people who are doing the best work in their respective fields generally tend to be the rule breakers rather than followers of convention.

In this talk, Francesca Gino helps us all discover how to break the rules which hold us back. Walk away with three talents that the best rebels employ to create the future all of us desire.

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15 June 2022

A. R. BernardGLS Webinar | Noon-1pm
Extraordinary Leadership—A.R.Bernard

As the world seems to become increasingly polarised, leaders who can lead with vision, intellect and unity seem few and far between. A.R. Bernard is one such leader.

Join Paula Faris as she interviews Bernard, asking questions such as:

How can a leader build trust in a culture that lacks trust? What insight can you share about leading in environments with diverse perspectives and agendas? What advice would you give to leaders that are just starting out on their leadership journey?


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13 July 2022

Bianca Juarez OlthoffGLS Webinar | Noon-1pm
Choose to Lead—Bianca Juarez Olthoff

When the opportunity to lead comes our way, we all respond differently. While some of us eagerly embrace the call to lead, others require a little convincing. In fact, many leaders feel unqualified, not enough, and concerned that they will “found out”.

Through her own story and experience as a leader, Bianca Juarez Olthoff will help us quiet the voices of negativity in our lives, embrace our roles as leaders, and lead more boldly in our areas of influence.


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