Sharpen Your Leadership Skills Throughout the Year 



20 May 2022


GLS Business | 1 pm – 5:30 pm
Featuring Horst Schulze, Liz Wiseman and Strive Masiyiwa

In times of uncertainty, you can still experience growth. Wherever your influence is invested, GLS Business will help you grow your leadership and gain a higher return.

Come and learn from experts in:

  • delivering world-class service
  • empowering your teams
  • building your business beyond profit

You’ll connect with like-minded business leaders, engage in dynamic discussions and have practical tools to support your growth.

Don’t miss your opportunity to access a wealth of insight and invest in your leadership.

This event will help you grow in: 

  • Leading Yourself: Character and confidence
  • Leading Others: Developing leaders and team building; Supervising staff and performance management
  • Leading Organisations: Change management and work culture; Decision making and execution
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15 June 2022

A. R. Bernard

GLS Webinar | Noon-1pm
Extraordinary Leadership—A.R.Bernard

As the world seems to become increasingly polarised, leaders who can lead with vision, intellect and unity seem few and far between. A.R. Bernard is one such leader.

Join Paula Faris as she interviews Bernard, asking questions such as:

How can a leader build trust in a culture that lacks trust? What insight can you share about leading in environments with diverse perspectives and agendas? What advice would you give to leaders that are just starting out on their leadership journey?

This webinar will help you grow in: 

  • Leading Yourself—Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading Others—Culture, Relational Intelligence, Team Building
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13 July 2022

Bianca Juarez Olthoff

GLS Webinar | Noon-1pm
Choose to Lead—Bianca Juarez Olthoff

When the opportunity to lead comes our way, we all respond differently. While some of us eagerly embrace the call to lead, others require a little convincing. In fact, many leaders feel unqualified, not enough, and concerned that they will “found out”.

Through her own story and experience as a leader, Bianca Juarez Olthoff will help us quiet the voices of negativity in our lives, embrace our roles as leaders, and lead more boldly in our areas of influence.

This webinar will help you grow in: 

  • Leading Yourself—Calling, Character, Confidence, Resilience
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