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GLS Podcast Ep 042: Bob Goff with Jason Jaggard

GLS Podcast

GLS delegate feedback last year highlighted to us the desire for greater confidence, better communication skills and further training in visionary leadership, among many other things! This episode from the GLS Podcast captures some helpful perspectives on all of these things, and more to boot! You can listen to the original episode here.


Bob Goff is living his life to the fullest. He is a lawyer, diplomat, best-selling author, speaker, coach, founder of schools in war zones and an advocate for living an authentic life of love. In this episode, Bob explores the intentionality that allows him to live his full life, illustrated with his signature humor and storytelling. This insightful conversation with Jason Jaggard explores how to find your next opportunity, to create guardrails in your schedule, to find wise people to build into your life and create spontaneous moments with highly intentional practices.



  • Your next move is probably where your opportunities, ambitions and your capablilties meet.
  • Some of us are limited by our capabilities.
  • People who seem to have incredible opportunities are often just going after things.
  • I put a high value on availability. People don’t follow vision, they follow availability.
  • My ambition is to take a genuine interest in people.
  • Think less about career and more about character.
  • I developed the capacity to love by being around people who loved me even when I messed up.
  • Find a couple of really safe people to share your life with—Switzerland people. You know they’re Switzerland when they don’t try to fix you.
  • You can find beautiful guardrails that serve your life with intentionality: appointments, phone, text messages.
  • Sometimes the things that look like reckless abandon are actually super intentional.
  • If your team knows what you want, they will know what to do.
  • Pause with the people you work with long enough to say, “What’s your big ambition?”
  • I send myself 150 emails every day. Then I review them the next day. I take the insights I heard, check them against Scripture and organize them by topic. I have 1.6 million words organized by topic.
  • Wise people :
    • Look to the horizon but are present in where they are right now
    • Are super intentional
    • Mind their tongue
    • Brag about people behind their backs
    • Surround themselves with prompts that remind them about important truths
  • You are beloved. You are not the sum of your successes and mistakes. Own that you are enough. God sees who we’re turning into.
  • I keep asking God for big things and he keeps dropping beautiful friends into my life.



  1. Bob Goff encouraged us to take one insight and to implement it into our lives. Think back on his conversation with Jason. Which insight would you most like to implement today?
  2. What structures/guardrails would you need to change to become intentional in implementing that insight into your life?



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