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Milton Keynes Christian Centre
Job Vacancy – Community and Network Coordinator

JOB VACANCY – Community & Network Coordinator A vacancy exists to join the team at MKCC as a Community & Network Coordinator. The role is full time and offered on a permanent basis. ROLE The successful candidate will enhance the effectiveness of both the Senior & Associate Pastors by providing administration support & representing the executive […]

Bill Hybels
Ask Bill | How do you know when to move on?

—Question sent in from a UK/Ireland pastor matched with a relevant answer from 363gls.com Relevant answer: Have a question for Bill?: Please send your question to info@globalleadershipnetwork.org.uk.  

Marcus Lemonis
Life: It’s More than Business – Marcus Lemonis

Marcus Lemonis relies on a three-pronged system to keep businesses healthy and measure success: people, process and product. He will be speaking at the 2017 Global Leadership Summit. To learn more about this serial investor, check out this video: Marcus Lemonis has been practicing good leadership principles since before he reached his teens. At the age […]

Andy Stanley
Engaging Next Generation Leaders – Andy Stanley

Andy Stanley, communicator, author, pastor and founder of North Point Ministries, will be speaking at the Global Leadership Summit in 2017. If you want your organisation to have next generation leaders, it is your job to give people in their 20s and 30s big responsibilities, even if you think they might not be ready. In […]

Does Your Church Fail to Execute Plans? This Could be Why – Tony Morgan

Generally speaking, you can find these four types of people on any team: Detailed Doers These are people who are more driven by the mission of what needs to be accomplished and they process decisions and engage their responsibilities at a slower pace. They are primarily focused on accuracy. Steady Supporters This group is also […]

Marcus Buckingham
How to Drive Performance and Engagement – Marcus Buckingham

Every single organisation is searching for ways to increase performance and engagement—ideally without blowing up the company and starting from scratch. But how can you do it? We know the answer. But it’s easy to overlook, because we expect the solution to such a crucial problem to be complex, theoretical, difficult. Instead it’s deceptively simple. […]

Calling for Justice – Gary Haugen

While investigating the genocide in Rwanda for the United Nations in 1994, attorney Gary Haugen directed the exhumation of mass graves to collect evidence for the subsequent war-crimes tribunal. Then on loan from the Department of Justice, Haugen witnessed one of the 20th century’s bloodiest conflicts, and says he saw how evil triumphed when no one […]

Bill Hybels
Avoiding 10 Leadership Credibility Killers – Scott Cochrane

Leadership is built on a foundation of credibility. Take away a leader’s credibility and you’ve lost the platform from which leadership is built. I’ve been focusing a great deal of late on the critical importance of credibility in leadership. And, as I’ve noted in the post from earlier this year, in my opinion, few leaders […]