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Messy Church – John Burke

Messy Church from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: We have a certain view of church that certain people sit in certain seats every week and they behave a certain way. We’re not willing for it to get messy… for there to be a blurring of where attenders are really at, so that we might […]

Let Us Pray, Drum and YouTube – James Emery White

Let Us Pray, Drum and YouTube by James Emery White (July 2009) “Let us pray, drum and YouTube.”   So went the recent headline in the London Telegraph.   According to Religious Affairs Correspondent Jonathan Wynne-Jones, “Christian services that feature DJs, songs by the Irish band U2 and prayers for the chief executives of Google […]

If Your Friends Aren’t Becoming the Church, Something’s Wrong – John Burke

If you’re friends aren’t becoming the church, somethings wrong from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: If our friends are not becoming the church then there is something wrong (especially for Christian leaders). There is either something wrong with the way we are following Christ or there is something wrong with how we’re doing […]

Barnes and Noble, USA Today and the Church – James Emery White

“How did Barnes and Noble fall so far so fast?” This was the question asked by James B. Stewart of the Wall Street Journal as the giant bookstore chain put itself up for sale this month.    Simple answer? The internet.  More to the point, the internet of amazon.com, kindle, the iPad, e-readers and digital books. […]

Out of the Culture – John Burke

What is Out of the Culture? from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: The western Church is continuing to lose ground in terms of the culture becoming the church. The average person in our culture doesn’t see that the message of Jesus is exactly what they’re seeking because there’s so much misconception on what it […]

James Emery White
A Second Challenge of Church and Culture – James Emery White

There are two primary challenges culture brings to the church:  the first is to understand culture as the overarching context in which we live.  Such an understanding allows us to become sensitized to culture’s unique challenges as a shaping influence in thought and behavior; even further, to know where to be prophetic and how to […]

Innovating the Church: New Culture, New Methods – James Emery White

James Emery White: Innovating the Church: Session 1 Audio – New Culture, New Methods James Emery White is the founding and senior pastor of Mecklenburg Community Church in Charlotte, North Carolina; President of Church and Culture, a ministry which explores the intersection of faith and culture; and ranked adjunctive professor of theology and culture of Gordon-Conwell […]