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Ivy Church Manchester – Vacancy

  Want to help people find their way back to God? That’s our mission at Ivy Church. We are committed to helping people KNOW God, GROW in their relationship with Him and their community and GO into the world to share the gospel. Our DNA underpins how we do church. Ivy churches are relevant, confident, […]

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GLS | Question of the Week

Discipline 3 is to keep a compelling scoreboard. How does your team know if they are winning against the goals? Do the people that work for you feel they are playing a winnable game? —Question from The Four Disciplines of Execution session by Chris McChesney, GLS 2016 Process Tools  

4 Steps to Defining Your Grander Vision—Tony Morgan

If you’re involved in a business, organisation or a church, it’s likely there is a vision defining where it wants to go. Vision unifies, creates direction and distinguishes one organisation from the next. We are quick to be organisationally minded. We set goals, dream big and work hard for our businesses, as we should. But, […]

Bill Hybels
Inspiring Evangelism–Bill Hybels

Transcript “Most of the time my feeling is that senior pastors live in a bubble, they live in a church bubble, and because my second gift is evangelism I’ve always been involved in athletics and I’ve always been involved in activities outside the church that give me a lot of exposure to people who are […]

Sheryl Sandberg
Three Takeaways from Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s New Book on Grief, Option B

Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg was on vacation in Mexico in 2015 with her husband and friends when her husband, tech executive Dave Goldberg, passed away unexpectedly of a cardiac arrhythmia. Sandberg, 47, was left as a single mother of her two children with Goldberg. She writes about recovering from the tragedy and working […]

Fredrik Haren
GLS Session Preview–Fredrik Härén

  In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, the ability to find innovative win-win solutions is more important than ever. Global creativity expert, Fredrik Härén, will explore how to increase our capacity for finding creative solutions. Creativity and Leadership What is an Idea? Idea-Perception Inspiring Creativity Bring Your Team: Feedback from the live GLS 2017 in […]

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GLS | Question of the Week

Discipline 2 is to act on the lead measure. Take some time to identify one of two lead measures to accomplish your WIG. —Question from The Four Disciplines of Execution session by Chris McChesney, GLS 2016 Process Tools  

Sheryl Sandberg
GLS Session Preview–Sheryl Sandberg

  Everyone is talking about the new research that indicates passion and persistence may be the unlikely keys to career and life success. Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg will reveal the hard-won insights into leadership and resilience she gained in the aftermath of the tragic and unexpected death of her husband. Topics include: Knowing You are a […]

Bill Hybels
GLS Session Preview–Bill Hybels

  Bill Hybels will open the GLS 2017 videocast by helping us reflect on the leadership story we find ourselves in—how it started, where it is now, and what happens next. In the process, Bill will provide principles for leading through some specific challenges today: Planting a leadership seed Leadership in an era divisiveness and disrespect […]

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On Evangelism – Bill Hybels

Transcript I think every Christ follower has to cross a maginot line at some point in his or her development, so this is kind of the one that I crossed many years ago and I ask Willow people to cross. I say, when you look at family, colleagues, friends and neighbours who are far from […]

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