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The Holy Spirit, Part 5: How to Recognize Leadings

Message by John Ortberg. It is acceptable to much of society that people can talk to God. But for some, it is not as acceptable for God to talk back. But He does talk to us. He can talk to everyone, not just those who are seen as “Christian Super Saints.” However, listening to God […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 4: Spiritual Renewal: My Part and God’s Part

Message by John Ortberg. When it comes to spiritual growth, a big question people ask is “How does Christ get formed in me? Is it my job or the Holy Spirit’s job?” Some people think they have to work at experiencing spiritual renewal. They are going to do everything in their power to please God […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 3: Full Potential of a Spirit Filled Life

Message by John Ortberg. Jesus was born as a human being and underwent all the trials and triumphs a human would. But Jesus had something else: He had the Holy Spirit indwelling in Him. In fact, the secret to Jesus’ power in His life and ministry is that He lived in utter reliance on a […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 2: Preparing For The Holy Spirit

Message by John Ortberg. In the Bible, God breathed life into Adam. In addition, after his resurrection, Jesus breathed on his disciples and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit.” In these examples we see that breathing gives life to us and then, going further, the Holy Spirit gives life. In the Old Testament, we learn that […]

The Holy Spirit, Part 1: The Holy Spirit Is Power

Message by John Ortberg. Many Christians have a clear picture of who the Father is and are not fuzzy on the persona of Jesus, either. But when some consider the Holy Spirit, there can be confusion. Some believe they can call up on the Sprit and have Him do whatever they request at a moment’s […]

A Heart of Praise and Thanks – Helen Paris

Graeme and I are presently in New Zealand. Immediately you will be recognizing the great differences in climate that we are both experiencing with the northern hemisphere in winter to the southern in blazing sunshine. Yes, we are enjoying our moment – as I trust you are, your Christmas festivities having been wonderfully extended through […]

Looking For Hope – Helen Paris

It’s a standard statement “where has this year gone to”. Maybe, it becomes more pronounced when one is in their latter years as Graeme and I are!  “Recession” has been the dreaded key word that has been spoken time and time again this year. As Christmas draws nigh, this political statement and the implications that […]

Running Multiple Services and Building Projects

We have documented below for you the feedback from our online forums Running Multiple Services and Building Projects. Many thanks to those that have participated so far. Running Multiple Services Document Building Projects Document

Our Qualification – Helen Paris

Recently we had the occasion to be in Gloucestershire and while ambling along in the car on a country road we saw a sign to Prinknash Abbey. I said to Graeme, “let’s go and see”, which we duly did. Being a closed monastery we went to their beautiful, clean and smart tearooms and bookshop. Graeme […]

Encourage Others – Helen Paris

I have recently been in Bristol which is such an historical city, at times only remembered for its dark side of having been a slave destination and sale yard for men, women and children. But it was also a city of great enterprise and enlightenment – having visited Wesley’s chapel and even stood in his […]

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