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Children’s Ministry: Promiseland Curriculum Overview

  Promiseland curriculum is available for school terms, summer holidays, and one-off occasional use:   School Term Curriculum Overview There are two curriculum – Year A covers ‘God’s Story: Genesis to Revelation’ Year B covers the 5-G’s of Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts and Good Stewardship Each year is split into three age ranges: Grades K-1 (Ages 5-6), Grades […]

Seeking God – Helen Paris

Well, hasn’t the weather been fabulous!!! We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be unduly influenced positively or negatively by the weather, but my, don’t we feel great when the sun is shining – long may it last. The pleasant weather has certainly helped us with our packing and unpacking as we have recently moved from Macclesfield in […]

Children’s Ministry: The Promiseland Goal

Our goal is to have our children come back week after week because they enjoyed their visit so much that they can’t wait to return. We want them to have FUN in Promiseland. While kids keep coming back for the FUN, we can accomplish our mission by continuing to nurture and teach them spiritually. In […]

Children’s Ministry: The Promiseland Values

The Promiseland Values Promiseland is a child-targeted ministry Promiseland values lessons that are relevant to kids now Promiseland values teaching the Bible creatively Promiseland values intentional shepherding of children through small groups Promiseland values keeping children safe-spiritually, emotionally and physically Promiseland values FUN! The Willow Creek Children’s Ministry Team   More info: Children’s Ministry: The […]

Children’s Ministry: The Promiseland Vision

Have you ever wondered what it would take to create a children’s ministry that kids would be irresistibly drawn to? Can a children’s ministry program really be the BEST hour of the week for both children and adult volunteers?

Spirit and Character – Helen Paris

Isn’t wonderful to see the sun at long last and especially for those who are on holiday with families – our family and grandchildren are at Ilfracombe camping – so if you have been camping with children, you do want fine weather. The sun and blue sky does lift your spirit and refresh your soul. […]

Living in the Present Moment – Helen Paris

As we continue to enjoy the marvellous sights that the creative power of nature produces, I am increasingly aware that it is for but a moment! I don’t know about you, but I want the power to encapsulate and hold onto a given magnificent sight to emotionally digest it – we were over whelmed by […]

An Attitude of Gratitude – Helen Paris

We say this every year that “spring is a beautiful season” – re-birthing in all aspects of nature and I believe it for ourselves too. The Holy Spirit is reinforcing the word “Awareness”. Awareness, Awareness, Awareness. To be aware and alert to the presence of God’s manifestation in nature, music, relationships, sunrises and sunsets and […]

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