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James Emery White
A Second Challenge of Church and Culture – James Emery White

There are two primary challenges culture brings to the church:  the first is to understand culture as the overarching context in which we live.  Such an understanding allows us to become sensitized to culture’s unique challenges as a shaping influence in thought and behavior; even further, to know where to be prophetic and how to […]

Church Website Excellence

During his last visit to the UK, James Emery White spoke of the importance of churches prioritising their website as a ministry tool because of the opportunities it presents to enquirers and members alike. Thus we are compiling a list of good ideas we come across on church websites which we hope will prove helpful in your website […]

Chemistry in Church – Anthony Clarke

Following a recent conversation with a WCA staff member,  Anthony Clarke was invited to present his concerns about Willow Creek’s emphasis on chemistry in leadership teams: Chemistry in Church by Anthony Clarke, Tutor in Pastoral Studies and Community Learning, Regent’s Park College, Oxford One of the great and continual questions in all groups is the relationship […]

Developing a Strategic Plan – Conflict

Notes from WCA’s Defining Moments: Conflict: Having the Tough Conversations Developing a Strategic Plan A. The situation Willow Creek’s ministries were each experiencing such growth and were focusing so much on their own areas that the church began to lose its identity. The ministry “fiefdoms” had existed unchallenged for so long that asking them to […]

A Leaders Gathering – Edited Version

Hi Gary These edits are taken from the Leaders Gathering at Stafford in February. The idea is to create an online ‘leadership masterclass’ to add value to WCA membership and tie-in with our GLS run-up. I’ve been careful to edit out any potentially sensitive material, leaving us with a great resource on leadership principles from […]

Engaging with Culture: What’s Shaping Britain?

“A million times a day we may be touched but we are rarely embraced…” … and other profound insights from Mark Greene, Executive Director, London Institute of Contemporary Christianity, during his presentation, ‘Of Logic, Logos and MePLC: What’s Shaping Britain?’. Topics Covered: Reading Culture The State We’re In Key Ideas in Our Culture Gospel Responses […]

Developing a Strategic Plan

Notes from WCA’s Defining Moments: Developing a Strategic Plan – Revisited The first 20 years at Willow Creek: There was no formal strategic plan in place When the church first began, the whole plan was to lead people to Christ and grow them up As the years went by, the church grew and more sub-ministries […]

Joining Hands image
The Seven Myths of Volunteerism Part 7 – Bill Hybels

Myth 7: Volunteerism is a One way Deal — All Output, No Returns, No Rewards Quite commonly, a senior pastor will say to me, “Bill, our people are busy, they work hard in the market place, they’re raising kids, they’re doing stuff in the community. I just couldn’t ask them to do more than that.” […]

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The Seven Myths of Volunteerism Part 6 – Bill Hybels

Extract from Bill Hybels’ article, The Seven Myths of Volunteerism Myth 6: Volunteers Need Encouragement from Heaven but They Really Don’t need Much Encouragement from Anyone on Earth. We ought to clean up structures so that staff know exactly who their volunteer team members are and we should be creating cultures of inspiration. It doesn’t […]

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The Seven Myths of Volunteerism Part 5 – Bill Hybels

Myth 5: Volunteers Are Not Interested in Training or Development. Volunteers, generally speaking, love getting a little better at stuff. They would like to be a little sharper, their tools to be razor-edged. They would like to be developed. My opinion is that there should be training as well as on-going training whenever a volunteer […]

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