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Sustained in the Storms – Helen Paris

Isn’t the season of autumn blessing us all? The trees changing into hues of colours, golds, reds and amber as if brushed from the palette in the master’s hand. Now increasingly we look forward to the festive season of Christmas and winter. Trees are very beautiful to me, very much more than flowers, so much […]

Light, Love, Glue – Helen Paris

I myself am not a leader but can I take this opportunity to encourage others who may be like me, to support their husbands or friends who are leaders. Towards the end of last year Graeme and I took a couple out to lunch who are walking strongly in their gifting of the Prophetic ministry. […]

A Two Day “Master Class” in the Presence of God – Chris Lane

“This year’s Global Leadership Summit was a two day “master class” in the presence of God and His people.  Bill Hybels and team simply excelled.  There’s no other word for it.  We can’t wait to share our experience with others at the Global Leadership Summit this Autumn.” Chris Lane, The Vineyard Church, St Albans

Launching Forward – Helen Paris

For most of us September is a month of plans and promises, to re-evaluate and reconstruct our lives in the view of having what we would hope for in our eyes and more importantly, God’s eyes, to be a year of success and progress. This is positive and as we launch forward we do experience […]

A Helping Hand – Helen Paris

I know for many of you women, the next number of summer weeks are going to be full on! I admit after five children I now enjoy sitting in the back seat – still in the family car with the grandchildren but reclining in the corner with a view. A few weeks back, we were […]

Children’s Ministry: Promiseland Curriculum Overview

  Promiseland curriculum is available for school terms, summer holidays, and one-off occasional use:   School Term Curriculum Overview There are two curriculum – Year A covers ‘God’s Story: Genesis to Revelation’ Year B covers the 5-G’s of Grace, Growth, Groups, Gifts and Good Stewardship Each year is split into three age ranges: Grades K-1 (Ages 5-6), Grades […]

Seeking God – Helen Paris

Well, hasn’t the weather been fabulous!!! We shouldn’t allow ourselves to be unduly influenced positively or negatively by the weather, but my, don’t we feel great when the sun is shining – long may it last. The pleasant weather has certainly helped us with our packing and unpacking as we have recently moved from Macclesfield in […]

Children’s Ministry: The Promiseland Goal

Our goal is to have our children come back week after week because they enjoyed their visit so much that they can’t wait to return. We want them to have FUN in Promiseland. While kids keep coming back for the FUN, we can accomplish our mission by continuing to nurture and teach them spiritually. In […]