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Youth Ministry Conference – Online Opportunity

We look forward to the launch of the Youth Ministry Online Conference with notable speakers including Bo Boshers, Donald Miller, Mark Yaconelli, and Shane Claiborne. The conference will address a wide range of topics including cultural trends, evangelism, mentoring relationships, holiness, success, grace, and authentic discipleship. Please make this known to youth pastors in your […]

REVEAL in the UK & Ireland

Having successfully test-piloted several churches in the UK, I am pleased to announce that the REVEAL Spiritual Life Survey will be available in the UK and Ireland for churches in the late spring. This is a very exciting development and will, I believe, help leaders engage with church members in a deeper, more informed way. […]

2011 Events Update

The Come As You Are 2-Day Conference is only weeks away now and brings four experienced practitioners and outstanding communicators to the platform. John Burke and James Emery White from the US will be speaking on a number of topics related to church mission today, and this will be followed-up with Q&A and process times […]

Contemporvant – James Emery White

If you haven’t seen the mocking of contemporary megachurch services, self-deprecatingly created by a contemporary megachurch with services similar to the parody itself (North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, Georgia), check it out here: If you are at all familiar with this kind of church – meaning the mainstream American contemporary megachurch – it is […]

Becoming an Innovative Organisation Webcast – Jim Mellado & Guests

The pace of change today requires churches to follow one of two paths: Innovate or very quickly become irrelevant and ultimately ineffective in your core mission. This webcast series allowed leaders and teams to increase their personal and organizational capacity for innovation. The series was hosted by WCA President Jim Mellado and WCA Executive Vice-President […]

Christian Inferiority Complex – John Burke

Christian Inferiority Complex from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: John used to have an inferiority complex – he knew what people thought of Christians and was a little bit embarrassed to be one because of that association. As a result, he wasn’t himself, comfortable with himself and the life he started to experience […]

When is Something the Church? – James Emery White

I once sat in the boardroom of a prominent Christian business leader who proclaimed that his business was just as much the “church” as any other enterprise. I thought to myself, “Um, no, it’s not.”   A company is not the body of Christ instituted as the hope of the world by Jesus Himself, chronicled […]

What Does It Mean to Be Missional? – John Burke

What does it mean to be missional? from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: There are church leaders who are leading the church to be missional but the culture’s not becoming the church. If we’re going and serving people but they’re not embracing the message of Christ, so that they follow Christ with us […]

Mastering in Ungrace – James Emery White

President Obama recently praised the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles for giving quarterback Michael Vick a second chance after serving an 18-month prison sentence on charges related to a dogfighting ring.   According to an Associated Press article, “Obama spokesman Bill Burton says the President told owner Jeffrey Lurie that while he condemns the crimes […]

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