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Developing Leaders – New Initiative

I am very excited to announce our partnership with EQUIP and UCB in bringing the online course ‘Developing Courageous Leaders.’ The content brings together the best of training from Willow and John Maxwell’s EQUIP and is simply ‘a must’ in foundational leadership training for those you are seeking to develop and encourage.  The first module, […]

Postmodernity – The ally of the ancient? – Chris Walker

A fellow youth worker once told me a story of how she took a group of ‘churched’ and ‘non-churched’ young people to discuss youth issues with the local bishop. As she had come to expect from this particular bishop, he was greatly interested in what they had to say, so much so that time fled […]

Times of Testing – Helen Paris

Of late I have been challenged in my faith. The area of testing has been my health (I have a severe Dermatitis of my hands and forearms) and my perspective of trust, that if I implicitly trusted the Word of God, my request for healing would be realised.  I found some appropriate scriptures (really beautiful) […]

How to Fail at Failing – James Emery White

How do you fail at failing? According to a recent article in Time magazine, all you have to do is study the recent collapse of Blockbuster. “Yes, the movie-rental firm was doomed,” Stephen Gandel writes, “But the ending could have been a lot better.” There was little doubt that the practice of driving to a store to rent […]

2.11 Breaking Through Growth Barriers

Taken from the Leaders Gathering 2011, Bill Hybels provides a leadership masterclass on practical issues facing church pastors: Leadership Masterclass | Session 2 Breaking Through Growth Barriers Purchase MP3/CD Other Sessions Session 1 {%}Leadership Masterclass 1{%} Session 2 {%}Leadership Masterclass 2{%} Session 3 {%}Leadership Masterclass 3{%} NOTE: The Leadership Masterclass is available to Willow Access […]

What Often Hangs in the Balance – James Emery White

In a recent profile of Nike CEO Mark Parker in Fast Company, a picture was shown of his sketch book where he outlined the “balances” he felt he must navigate as a leader. For Parker, it included such things as: Micro – Macro Quantity – Quality Art – Science Wholesale – Retail Premium – Value Brands […]

An Experiment in Following: Self-Centred Sin Nature – John Burke

An Experiment in Following from Out of the Culture on Vimeo. Notes: Jesus came to serve, not be served. We have our own agendas, and so we have to work at being willing before God to put his will before our own. John was convicted by God the previous Saturday to let go of his […]

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