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Lessons For Young Leaders: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – Simon Powell

Here’s a little ‘hitlist’ of leadership wisdom on communication I am trying to implement more and more myself and finding it bearing much fruit: “Communicate Vision Communicate Early Communicate Widely Communicate Detail Communicate Often Communicate Successes” As an aside to young leaders – “I still find face-to-face produces deeper spiritual growth opportunities than facebook”. Simon […]

Lessons For Young Leaders: The Church is Like a Bus – Tony Peters

The Church is like a Bus One of the most freeing lessons I learnt and embraced a few years ago was that ‘The Church is like a Bus’. People get on and need to get off at different destinations. So the trick is to love and appreciate every one that gets on without thinking of […]

Where Are The Younger Leaders? Part 1 – James Lawrence

Several weeks ago Bill Hybels said one of his biggest concerns for the western church is the lack of 20-30s leaders. I’ve been thinking about this comment ever since. Is it true? If so, why might it be so? And what can we do about it? I need to declare my position. For the last […]

Submitted to His Spirit – Helen Paris

It is certainly a journey of trusting God for me. Over the last few months I have experienced the Lord addressing me on a confidence, maybe I could actually call it a trust in the flesh – my flesh – my health. Yes, my being is a temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell in […]

GLS Webinar | 9 FebruaryRequire Civility to Lead

Disagreements are leading to division.

Learn to lead others back to civility.