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Leaders… do not just participate – Chris Hollies

Seth Godin  is to be one of the faculty for this year’s Global Leadership Summit. He is not someone I am familiar with, so I have picked up one of his books, recommended by a friend, ‘Tribes – We need you to lead us’. It is a great book, full of interesting thoughts and comments […]

The Story of Developing Courageous Leaders – Graeme Paris

The first time we attended EQUIP’s Million Leaders Mandate (MLM) course at United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) studio in Stoke-on-Trent, we were impressed. (And it was free!) The second time we attended we were more impressed. The third time, you’ve guessed it, we were even more impressed. So much so, we had a thought: if only […]

Lessons For Young Leaders: Keep Your Sheep in Front – Jean Mackarel

Leave your sheep behind you and they stay there while you rush ahead with your great plans – soon they’re so far behind, you lose sight of them and they feel abandoned while you, their leader, blame them for turning back to their own affairs; but keep your sheep in front where your eye can […]

Developing Younger Leaders: A Question of Motivation – Chris Hollies

So what does motivate you and I to do the things we do in serving within our local church contexts? This is a question that I pose to leadership teams within churches and the answers I receive seem to differ depending upon the ‘generation’ I am asking. In very broad general terms, here is how […]

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