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Culture Vulture – Part 3 – Chris Stoddard

We all see the world around us through a particular filter which we call our ‘world view’.  As believers we also tend to see the church through a filter as well and often can only imagine doing ‘church’ things in a particular way. The fact is that the culture around us is very different and […]

Culture Vulture – Part 2 – Chris Stoddard

Nearly 20 years ago as a Baptist pastor I was responsible for introducing Seeker Services to our church in Aylesbury which, looking back, required a huge change in our culture at the time. After 3 trial runs we committed to a weekly programme which lasted for 8 years. I naively thought people would quickly get […]

A New Place Of Grace – Helen Paris

At the moment I am aware I’m in a progressing transition of understanding the expansiveness of grace. Many people are ecstatic when they experience salvation, usually the enthusiasm continues for some time. Then the Holy Spirit starts His refining work and as He peels the outer layers of our lives off, He is able to […]

Seeking Ways to Make a Greater Impact on the Youth in Our Area

We wanted to share this email as it just might be that you’re also at a bit of crossroads with your youthwork and the Online Youth Conference might help spark some energy and discussion within your team: From: Pete Fowler Sent: 15 June 2011 18:02 To: Jude Grant – WCA Membership & Conferences Subject: Re: […]

Culture Vulture – Part 1 – Chris Stoddard

‘Culture permeates all aspects of any society. It acts as the basic fabric that binds people together, it dictates tastes in music, clothes, and even the political and philosophical views of any group of people’ M. Jason Martin, University of Central Florida. A common definition of culture is –‘the way we do things around here’. […]

2012 Events Update – Graeme Paris

The 2-day conference that we had planned for Bristol has now been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. I will update you in due course but I can tell you that Bill Hybels is available for a 1-day ‘Leaders Gathering’ event on 30th January 2012 in Bracknell. I can also announce that Peter Scazzero is available for two 1-day seminars on […]

The Land Between – Jeff Manion – GLS 2010 Main Session

 GLS 2010 Main Session [flashvideo file=gls/SummitSunday2011_Manion_TheLandBetween_long.flv image=videos/gls/GLS_2010_Session_Highlights/GLS2010Image.jpg /] Outline    The Land Between  The Israelites in the Land Between  Fertile Ground for Complaint  Fertile Ground for Emotional Breakdown  Fertile Ground for God’s Provision  Fertile Ground for God’s Discipline  Fertile Ground for Transformational Growth Download & Show in Your Church Raise the leadership culture in your church. […]

How Does the GLS Happen? – Newcastle 2010 Behind the Scenes Video

[flashvideo file=videos/gls/glsnewcastle2010.flv image=videos/gls/glsnewcastle2010.jpg /] …And does the hard work pay off?      Thank you for organising these events. Another Great Summit. Every year our batteries are recharged, our energy levels increased and our Vision and strategies renewed as we learn from some of the world’s greatest leaders from both church and business. There is nothing […]

Lessons For Young Leaders: Keep Your Missions Clear – Gordon Tuck

The church I served in after leaving Bible College in my late twenties was in a small town that had an army camp nearby. One of the soldiers serving there told me that it was drummed into them that their most important possession was the answer to this question, “What is your mission?” I like […]

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