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Christmas Message
A Christmas Message

   Dear Friends, Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and a blessed New Year! It’s been a tough year, but our hope is sure. We invite you to take a few minutes and be reminded of the hope of Christ in this season—and in your leadership. Every blessing for a refreshing break. We look forward […]

Mark Faithfull
Please read: We need your help

Dear Friends, Can you help us in our work with UK & Ireland leaders in 2022 and beyond? As you will understand, our mission has become much more difficult with the arrival of the Covid pandemic. Whilst we moved to a digital model, the reality is that we have been unable to generate the financial […]

Clear on your calling?

Gaining clarity on your calling can be quite a journey. Hearing others’ stories can provide insight to your own. In these video clips, GLS21 speaker Anthony Delaney highlights some positive turns in his own journey from the police force into church leadership… Anthony shares why he joined the police force, how he came to faith […]

Roger Fairhead
Gaining Alignment on Your Team – Roger Fairhead

Leadership Lessons from the Orchestra If you’ve ever been to watch an orchestra at a live event, you’ll know there are some rather fun and somewhat antiquated elements of etiquette to understand, such as… …not clapping between movements of a concerto or symphony (you have to wait to the end of the whole piece)… …clapping […]

Anthony Delaney interview
Facing Your Biggest Challenge—Roger Fairhead

What are the biggest challenges you’re facing today? I put this question to Anthony Delaney recently and received a brilliant response: Here’s my quick summary: There are so many! First, go back to the scripture: ‘Above all else, guard your heart, for from it flow the issues of life.’ In other words, before we look […]

Carey Nieuwhof speaking on burnout and recovery at the GLS Special Edition
Don’t Let Burnout Beat You – Roger Fairhead

In his GLS+ talk, ‘Burnout and Recovery’, Carey Nieuwhof tells of an informal poll he conducted with a live audience of church leaders. He asked how many considered themselves close to burnout. The response was staggering. Over a third raised their hands. And this was pre-Covid. Now, if you were in that audience, would your hand […]

GLS21 Update – What’s Coming Out So Far

Whether you’re leading a small team or large organisation, what’s coming out from GLS21 is a common need for encouragement to step forward into new possibilities…   Steve and Angie Campbell shared their key learnings at the end of GLS21 Cambridge Watch the clip       Some engaged in micro-gatherings: “It was amazing. We […]

GLS Logo Vertical
GLS21—How’s your day looking?

Given the current season, you may be filling a lot of time with your work. And then as work expands with the more time you give it, you start to lose track of time until it seems beyond your control. If that’s you, the best thing you can do with your time is to take […]

Steve and Angie Campbell - GLS Promo screenshot
Why We Host the GLS – Interview with Steve and Angie Campbell

Steve and Angie Campbell, senior pastors at The C3 Church, share their GLS experience with Rob Allin: Running it in their new building Attending in Chicago and the UK Impact on their church Sessions that stand out The benefits of hosting The C3 Church is hosting GLS21 on 14 October. Find out more >> | […]

Grander Vision: Eternal Wall of Prayer – An Interview with Richard Gamble

17 years ago Richard Gamble had a vision to build a national landmark which would bring prayer into the public consciousness. Roger Fairhead interviews Richard about the leadership lessons he has learned along the way. Timing and Topics Use the slider to find the content you want to watch: 00:00 Welcome 00:45 Calling: Richard shares […]

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