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The GLN Framework


Leading Yourself
11 key competencies of personal leadership to help you succeed in every avenue you pursue
Leading Others
11 key competencies to help you develop leadership in others
Leading Organisations
11 key competencies will help you nurture and lead your own community
CallingCollaborationChange Management
CharacterCommunicationChurch and Faith Based
Complex ThinkingConflict ManagementCulture
ConfidenceDiversityDecision Making
Emotional IntelligenceInfluenceExecution
Learning AgilityLeadership DevelopmentHuman Resources
ProductivityPerformance ManagementMeetings
Relationship with GodRelational IntelligenceProcess
ReplenishmentServant LeadershipResource Allocation
ResilienceSupervising PeopleStrategy
WellnessTeam BuildingVision


A Movement for Transformation

GLN helps leaders like you all around the world through the Global Leadership Summit and year-round training.




Founded in 1992, Global Leadership Network (GLN) serves pioneering pastors and leaders through world-class leadership experiences and resources. GLN is committed to a singular idea: that inspired, encouraged, and equipped Christian leaders create thriving local churches passionate about redeeming their communities for Christ.

The Cause

GLN’s passion is to help leaders worldwide—men and women—realise God’s vision for their lives, churches and communities. It shares ideas and builds partnerships. Through the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), Partners, and GLN Membership it delivers vision and inspiration to resourced regions; and we bring training and opportunity to under-resourced areas.

The Vision

GLN’s vision is to help Christians grow their leadership to maximise Kingdom impact.

The Mission

GLN’s mission is to create world-class leadership development to energise Christians and mobilise churches globally.

GLN UK & Ireland

“Thanks again for all you and your team do for all of us.” Tim Smith, St Judes, Plymouth

GLN UK & Ireland exists to serve pastors and Christians in the UK and Ireland through the inspiration, training and resources provided by GLN.

Nowadays the primary way we achieve this is through the annual Global Leadership Summit (GLS) videocast.

We also providing year-round training tools which flow out of the GLS through online learningIn addition, we offer a GLN membership subscription for personal and team development in leadership, and we run events with guest speakers which aim to bring fresh thinking on church ministry in line with our vision and mission.  

We have been affiliated to GLN and aligned with its vision and mission since 1995, when we were established as a UK limited company and registered charity.

Support The Cause

Over the years we have enjoyed long-standing relationships with churches across a number of denominations that have been part of the association. We value these relationships and the mutual encouragement they bring.

Here are some suggestions for how you can support our work:

1) Pray. Please join us in praying that we will be able to reach out to tens of thousands of church pastors and Christian leaders in the UK & Ireland and support them through the training that GLN provides. You can use the left sidebars to provide prayer pointers on our vision and mission, our activities and people involved. You can also pray more specifically for the GLS on this page.

2) Make the GLS an annual commitment, bringing your team and determining to grow together in effectiveness and influence

3) Invest in your ongoing leadership development through year-round membership and resources

4) Consider how promoting the GLS might help transform your region (see this page).

5) Donate: Your donation to the work is always a great encouragement. You can give here.

Thank-you for your prayers and support.


Mark Faithfull

Mark Faithfull (Chair), Lead Pastor Hope Church Malmesbury

Mark is a pastor, church planter, geek and leadership coach.  He has served alongside his wife in church leadership roles for over 30 years, pioneering and planting many new initiatives. Mark is a certified leadership trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team and continues to run a leadership coaching business focusing on developing leaders in high-tech organisations in order to support his work in the church.  Starting as the apprentice on the IT Helpdesk in Lloyds Bank, Mark finished his corporate career in the boardrooms of billion-euro businesses leading technology and cyber security teams.

“When the leaders improve, the whole church grows – I believe the GLN has a vital roll to challenge, equip and inspire the leaders of today and tomorrow so that the church becomes even more effective in its mission.”


Steve SmithSteve Smith (Vice-Chair), Mission Enabler

Steve has served as a Salvation Army Officer for 18 years, during which time he has led three local churches in Worcestershire, Staffordshire and Gloucestershire. In July 2019 Steve, together with his wife, Mel, was appointed as the Divisional Mission Enabler for one of The Salvation Army’s regions spanning 7 counties with responsibility for facilitating, resourcing, and monitoring effective frontline mission. Steve has been a member of the GLN UK for the last 16 years and makes the Leadership Summit an annual commitment for himself and his team.

He is currently finishing an MA in Mission with a focus on Leadership, Mentoring and Pioneering and is passionate about developing leaders and the movements or organisations they lead to their highest potential. ‘I love a challenge, and believe that almost anything can be transformed when good leaders are empowered and deployed’.


Scott CochraneScott Cochrane, Vice President of International, Global Leadership Network

Scott Cochrane serves as Vice President of International at the Global Leadership Network. An insightful and genuine leader, he travels the globe mentoring international teams. Prior to joining the GLN, he was the executive pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Kelowna, British Columbia, and provided leadership to the Global Leadership Network Canada.



Gary Schwammlein

Gary Schwammlein, President Emeritus, Global Leadership Network

Gary joined the Association in 1996 after 28 years in the marketplace. Even though it seemed like a “step down” in the eyes of some (and in many ways it was, i.e. salary, perks, recognition…), it was the best move he ever made: ‘The years that I’ve been with the GLN have been the best years of my life. Seeing churches catch fire for God, reaching out to seekers, and growing believers into fully devoted followers of Christ is better than anything the world can offer. All of us at the GLN are here to serve you, full time staff as well as volunteers in our affiliate countries. We will continue to offer events and resources that have been developed and tested at Willow Creek Community Church and at other churches around the world to envision, equip, and encourage churches everywhere to prevail.’







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