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Looking ahead

Dear Friends

Following on from our last correspondence, thank you for your prayers over the last month — they are making a difference. The elders at Willow have provided an update and WCA have written a letter. Here in the UK, we have been sensing the support and prayers of many as we continue to work out the way ahead.

Working towards GLS 2018

The US team have done an amazing job of reworking the 2018 line-up of speakers. We hear that Danielle Strickland is also going to be involved and that Craig Groeschel will be the Summit facilitator. More details: GLS Chicago | GLS UK/Ireland

Hope of the World Sessions

Continuing our series from the outstanding Hope of the World Conference in February, this month features Kate Coleman’s excellent session on the characteristics of a ‘strategic mission mindset.’ Watch in full | Watch segments

That’s it for now. As ever, do get in touch if you have any questions. And thank you again for your prayers.

All the very best
Will Salmon
Executive Director

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