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Everything Rises and Falls on Leadership – Bill Hybels

Main points
  • At some point in your life you realise that pretty much everything rises or falls on leadership
  • Look at anything in the world that’s flourishing and you will be able to track it back to a leader or a leadership team that figured it out, took a bold move or tried something
  • Look at something that’s failing and you will be able to track it back to a leader or a leadership team that didn’t face its problems or define reality or didn’t come up with the new solution that would take it forward
  • So when you really care about God’s world, you realise we need to get fantastic leaders into every sector of all of society so that we can help everything flourish
  • When I travel I wind up in some societies where every institution in the society is broken; the government’s broken, the banking’s broken, the education is broken, the medical system is broken – every single thing is broken.
  • You can preach the gospel in the town but you’re never going to really fix that town until you fix it’s institutions – if the roads don’t work and the lighting grid doesn’t work and no one can go to school or get medical help, you can lead as many people as you want to Christ but the whole system is broken
  • I want the Summit to make pastors reach the zenith of their God-given potential and be terrific communicators and leaders of their local churches
  • In addition, I want people who run hospitals and governments and medical institutions – all the sectors of society – I would like to see flourishing and operating at the zenith of their potential.
  • When all of that is heading in that flourishing and thriving kind of way, that more approximates to the kind of world that God imagined for his creation.
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  2. I am going to take away ___
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